The Honey-Do List

We’ve all see the commercials on TV and the references to Honey-Do lists on TV shows. It’s always long and full of time consuming chores that take up the husbands whole weekend.

When I told Hubs I was going to make him a Honey-Do list, I promised him that my lists were not going to be like that. They were going to be short and simple. Only take a couple of hours out of his whole weekend and they would be things designed to make my life a little easier.

I don’t think it’s fair for his whole weekend to be consumed doing chores. It’s his weekend and his time to relax just as much as it’s mine. We try to find a balance on the weekend so we are both able to relax, spend time together and with the kids, and get stuff done.

This week Hubs’ Honey-Do list consisted of 5 things.
1- Fix the baby gate at the top of the stairs (It was taken down to bring some furniture up and never put back up)
2- Go into Moores to pick up your suit. (It needed to be hemmed. It was done 3 weeks ago)
3- Take the boys outside to play(It’s finally warm this weekend and I know the boys would benefit greatly from some Daddy time)
4- Entertain the kids while I put the laundry away (I do the laundry during the week but the only thing I never seem to get around   to is folding it and getting it put away)
5- Put the boxes of yarn that are in my living room into the basement (I was given a few banana boxes of yarn, after I pulled out the yarn I am using for a couple projects I asked him to bring the rest to the basement and it still hadn’t happened)

He has done all these things for me now and I really appreciate it. It’s a couple things I don’t need to worry about now. Next weeks will likely be just as simple. A Honey-Do list doesn’t need to be filled with big chores, sometimes it’s the little chores that make the most difference. (Although in a few weeks we are going to spend a weekend switching our bedroom with the  boys room so we are in the bigger room and have space for the baby, it’s early but I don’t like to make big changes right before the baby comes!)

I also give myself a list of things I want to do while Hubs is home to entertain the kids. This weekend I wanted to get some baking done (failed, but I am going to do it with the kids this week!) go through the kids dressers (done) and plan at least 3 things for the kids and I to do this week for Valentines Day (done)

I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week!

Love, hugs and more to come later!

4 thoughts on “The Honey-Do List

  1. That’s awesome. I appreciate organized people as I can not begin to fathom being one myself. I make lists sometimes, but then I even misplace the list. So you go. And let your husband know that mine is jealous.

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