We did it!

I am proud of myself right now. So I am going to brag myself up. Even though I know people do this all the time. This is my accomplishment and I am going to celebrate it.

This week was Hubs first week back at work after being home since I had Zoey back in May. It’s been great having him home with us, but our routines all involved two parents being home. I was able to do things without interruption. If the kids needed something and I was busy, they went to Daddy. It was simple.

This week was different. All of a sudden I needed to do the cleaning, cooking, entertaining, fight breaking up, and everything else on my own for the kids. Monday was a tough day, but we made it through… I even bathed the three kids at the same time on my own for the first time. Tuesday we were in and out with appointments and we survived it. Wednesday Zoey was a fussy monster from her shots the day before and the boys were full of energy. We survived that too. Thursday we had a play date in the morning and Friday I babysat. I may have been utterly exhausted by last night, but I survived it. We ate supper every night on time. The dishes and laundry got done. The floors were swept and mopped. The toys were picked up. The kids had things to do. They fought, but they also played nicely together.

Now the weekend is here. I made Hubs a Honey-Do list. It’s a small one. But it gives him some stuff to do this weekend that will make my week easier next week. We agreed that I am going to make him one each weekend so he knows what he can do to help me out the most. Today he gets to sleep in while I get up with the kids the way I did Monday to Friday. Tomorrow is my turn. So I can start Monday off freshly rested. Or at least that’s my hope. Only time will tell how effective it is.

Now if I could shake this feeling of total exhaustion, life would be good. Although, I am trying not to complain too much about being tired… it’s better then the morning sickness I had with Alex and Nick.

Next week shall be full of new adventures 🙂

Love, hugs and more to come later!

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