T’is the way….

I am writing this post on Monday January 27. I don’t know yet when I am going to actually post it. I will though. I know I will. I want to share this with all of you.

As you know, Hubs and I have decided that we are done having babies. This was a rough road for me but about a week ago I decided to start doing things for me. I was on a quest to lose weight and get healthier. I was getting into good eating habits and starting to follow the 17 day diet. I lost 3 lbs and I was feeling amazing. I talked to Hubs and told him that I was more okay than I thought I was with the idea of the vasectomy and I was okay with our family the way it was.

And then it happened. I missed my period. I didn’t think too much of it at first, I’m usually very regular but I have been late once or twice before. After a couple days I mentioned it to Hubs and we decided to grab a couple tests. At the very least a negative would ease my mind and maybe relieve the stress of being late and I would start.

So I took one Friday afternoon. I watched the control line light up and there was no other line. After about 45 seconds Alex needed to pee so I threw the test in the garbage assuming it was negative. Thinking nothing of it, we went about our day. Later that evening for some reason I glanced into the garbage can and seen that the test had two lines now… Reading the box, it said any results after 5 minutes weren’t accurate. So I dismissed it, but decided to test again in the morning.

Well. Saturday morning I tested again (this time first thing in the morning) and there it was. Here it is. We’re going to be welcoming Baby Number Four into our crazy chaotic lives. How crazy is that?

Today is the 28th. I am about to post this. We have now told all of our parents as well as anyone else we wanted to tell in person. We have also tentatively chosen our baby names, how exciting is that?!? I am really glad that Hubs is not just okay with me being pregnant but is also excited about it! This baby is meant to be, and I am thrilled to find out I am expecting. 5 weeks in, 35 to go 🙂  

Love, hugs and (much) more to come later

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