Cleaning Out The Closets

Today I went through the kids and our closets and dressers and packed up all their clothes they’ve outgrown and all my maternity clothes. Everything. All of it. No more little tiny sleepers and onesies. No more big comfy pants and super huge tee shirts. I have never cried so much over inanimate objects before in my life. I am having a hard time coming to peace with this decision. 

I want Hubs to get the vasectomy. If he doesn’t want to have more children and he is sure (and I know beyond a doubt that he is sure) then it’s not worth having another baby and risking him resenting me or especially the baby. I know he is done. And I need to be off the pill for my own personal health. (There is no choice for me with hormonal contraceptives and using condoms isn’t a realistic option for us either) Which leaves the vasectomy. 

If all the logic shows that this is the right thing, why is it so hard? 

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