A Flawed System

If you knew or suspected a child of being in an abusive situation, what would you do?
What if nothing you did was able to help that child? What if everything you did ended up driving you further and further from being in a place in that child’s life where you could help?
It’s hurting me. It hurts me to think of a child being hurt. It kills me to see this child’s parent hiding it under the guise of an accident prone child. It hurts me that even though I have witnessed and reported what I witnessed, nothing is being done. And after all that… This child’s parent who was once a good friend of mine, is no longer speaking to me.

I don’t believe that spanking a child is wrong. There is a huge difference between spanking a child’s bottom (above their clothing) and grabbing a toddlers arm to pull them from what is distracting them and lifting them to your eye level so you can talk to them.

So often in the news you hear stories of child abuse and children being murdered by the very people who are supposed to care for them. You hear of children being starved. Of children being neglected. Left in their own filth. It all hurts a place deep inside me.

I was lucky. My parents never abused me. I was spanked. I deserved it. (Putting a brand new mattress against a wall and using it as a spring to run into and get thrown away from until a spring broke in it… yea.. I deserved it!) And I will never abuse my children. I know there are better ways.

I think as a whole our society needs to find a better way to cope with anger and prevent us from lashing out. A better way to manage our time and priorities and realize that these little beings should come first.

I think we live in a messed up world when a child can be abused, taken from that home and then returned to it a few short weeks later when you can tell the root of the problem hasn’t been addressed. When concerns aren’t taken seriously because there is only one person reporting them. If someone reported me for child abuse, I would hope I was investigated. Not because I would ever abuse my children, but because then I would know the system is doing it’s job.

So I ask you, What would you do?

6 thoughts on “A Flawed System

      • it is really frustrating when you are fighting against a system that makes it so difficult. as a teacher of young children, a mother, grandmother, neighbor, friend and part of a community i feel it’s my duty to help if at all humanly possible. there will be a way –

    • Unfortunately, her and I don’t have a lot of mutual friends. I met her years ago and we just happened to have our husbands posted to the same military base and have children the same ages. I have tried reaching out to her friends in the area that I have met, that is what ultimately led to her not speaking to me and essentially telling me it was her business. Thanks for the advice though 🙂

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