It’s Been Three Years….

I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact I am now officially a Mom to a three year old. Alex is three. Three. How did this happen? One day I was holding a tiny little being that was so perfect and amazing and scary. And now I am the mom to a three year old.


I can’t believe that you are three today. It’s insane that it has been three years since they placed you in my arms. Since then you have slowly spent less and less time in my arms, but know, they are always here for you. You still love to cuddle with me, when you are feeling sleepy, or upset about anything and I cherish that. I hope it’s still a long time before you think you are too big to come and get momma cuddles. Because to be honest, you will never be too old.
You have grown and changed so much in the last year since I was in awe over you turning two. You used to be so afraid to do anything without Daddy or I right there with you. Now you climb up the  big slide all by yourself without looking back. You love to run and jump and play. You are a smart little boy, singing your alphabet and counting to 13.
You can be so stubborn, so sure of what you want. And you will do anything to get it. I admire that in you, as much as I get frustrated with it, and I hope you learn how to use that quality to your best advantage later on in life. 
You are an amazing big brother. Anyone who sees you playing with your brother and sister is always so amazed that you are so caring and loving with them. Always making sure they have a toy to play with and that they are happy. 
Watching you grow these last three years has been the happiest and saddest thing. I am filled with pride seeing the little person you are becoming. I am filled with joy seeing your happiness when you accomplish something new. I see you change a little more every day and I can’t wait to see who you become. But, don’t rush growing up. Let’s enjoy being three together. 
You’re smile and blue eyes light up my world. You amaze me everyday.
I love you, little man, more then you can possibly understand right now. 

Love, hugs and more to come later

8 thoughts on “It’s Been Three Years….

  1. Oh Lynn, that’s a super sweet post. I am sure little Alex will find them wonderful when he gets to read.
    And you guys with your sweet and cute posts about your kids make me look like an idiot for running after career and not looking for someone with whom i can settle with!
    I know, i have to live with my decisions and i am confident that some day, i will be definitely posting beautiful things like these which are my own tales that i can cherish forever.
    Happy 3rd Birthday Alex.

  2. It goes by so fast doesn’t it! I am not sure if part of it is because I am older so time goes by quicker, or the amount that children grow and change in such a short time but I am always feeling like it was just yesterday I was TTC, or pregnant, when really my twins are about to be one and my son is three. Happy birthday to him 🙂

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