Merry Christmas 2013

The kids are in bed and I am stretched out on the couch. The supper dishes are in the sink and there are toys strewn throughout my house. It’s a little chaotic. 

Today was an odd sort of day for me. Nick was up early this morning and woke me up chanting ‘Santa Santa’ I went into the boys room and asked Nick if he wanted to go see if Santa came when Alex bolted up (he was sleeping) and shouted yes in his sleepy little voice. The boys were in awe this morning when we got downstairs. It was amazing. Zoey seemed relatively unimpressed by the whole ordeal, although she did enjoy eating the wrapping paper! 

I try not to go overboard for the kids at Christmas time, firmly believing that it’s not about the number of presents under the tree. What we get for them tends to depend on my budget, and with a family of five on one income, it’s slim. So I work really hard to make sure everything I get the kids is something they are going to love. And this year, I definitely accomplished that. I love seeing the joy and wonderment in their faces when they open a present that is exactly what they wanted. 

This year, we decided to get Alex his first board game. We went with Hungry Hungry Hippos, since every time the commercial comes on TV he gets excited and it seemed like a good choice for a 3 year old. The excitement was amazing. Every 3 seconds today he was asking me if we could play it again. Nick was the same way with his Lego and Trains. And Zoey is in love with her dolly. (The boys are too!) 

But, the day was a little weird for me. I was happy and peaceful surrounded by my husband and children, but I couldn’t help but feel like something was missing. And after a little while I realized what it was. My parents (a few provinces away from us) had been telling me about the dinner they were going to be having with my grandmother this evening. Hubs mom and step dad (an hour and a half away) had his grandmother, aunt and cousins over. Hubs dad and step mom  (also an hour and a half away) were going to his step mom’s parents house to have Christmas dinner with them. All over Facebook I see people posting statuses and pictures of family dinners and get togethers, and I, well.. I feel left out of it all.

Now, I know that there are lots of people out there who are alone during the holidays and I count myself very blessed that I have Hubs and the kids around me. And we are going to see Hubs mom on Friday and his dad on Saturday… but on days like today, I really wish we had some family close to us (not necessarily close as in relating to distance, but also close, as in, know you really well close)

I am trying to focus on all the good things today. The joy, the happiness, the yummy food I cooked, the fact that even though we lost power three times it was never for more then 10 minutes. The face I was with the four most important people to me. The fact the kids are all snuggled warm in bed, I am stretched out on the couch. The dishes are in the sink and their are toys everywhere. It’s chaotic. It’s perfect. And I am happy.

Love, hugs and more to come later 

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