Dinner Entertainment

Toddlers are always very entertaining. But tonight at supper, mine had me almost peeing myself. 

For supper tonight we had Subway sandwiches. So Alex is eating away, when he suddenly holds up a piece of cucumber and asks me if I want to share it with him. I reply no, but Nick says ‘me’. So Alex takes a bite out of the cucumber and hands it to Nick. 
N: mmmm
A: Okay give it back now Nick 
N: Shoves the cucumber into his mouth and shakes his head
A: Oh No. This is all my fault. Oh Nick. Can I have it back please?
N: Takes the chewed up cucumber out of his mouth and passes it to Alex, who proceeds to eat it. 

I have no idea where Alex picked up the whole ‘its all my fault’ but it made me laugh. 

A few minutes later, everyone is eating quietly when all of a sudden….
A: *yelling* Daddy give it back! (note, Hubs sits across the table from Alex, and didn’t take anything from him) 
H: Give what back?
A: The noodles. Give them back to Nick and Zoey
H: What noodles? No one has noodles. (remember, we had sandwiches, and Zoey had carrots)
M: Alex, what are you talking about?
A: Daddy put the noodles in his pocket
H: I don’t have any noodles in my pocket. 
A: Daddy! Give them back now! Don’t be mean! 

I seriously have no idea what he thought was going on. 

Apparently Nick didn’t like the meat on his sandwich. Every piece went into his mouth for 3 seconds before he passed them to Alex to eat. I wanted to stop him from giving the meat to Alex, since it had already been in his mouth. But I couldn’t after Alex pointed out that ‘Nick is sharing! That’s so nice! Thanks Nick’

I love my kids. They keep me entertained! 

Love, hugs and more to come later!

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