Billy The Elf and Other Random Christmas Stuff

Sometimes the understanding that kids show for things shocks and amazes me. I decided a little while ago that instead of doing the traditional advent calenders for the kids, I was going to crochet some pouches and put a treat and an activity into each one.

On December 2nd I started this with the number 23 (We are counting backwards to countdown to Christmas, and we started on the 2nd because the first was Alex’s birthday party, which I will write about later!)

On the 2nd when Alex and Nick got up and found the pouch Alex was very excited. He told me that Santa had brought him a present. And got Nick excited and chanting Santa as well. Hmm. Well, I couldn’t leave my kids thinking that Santa brings them gifts every day. So, I explained that Santa is too busy to visit every child every night and that an elf was the one leaving the bags.

For the bag yesterday (the third) I decided that I should probably build on the elf story I just told the kids so I decided to include a letter from the elf that leaves the countdown bags and knows when they are bad and good. He needed a name. My ever so creative brother decided Billy was a good name and I went with it. Alex was so excited by the letter that it’s all he has talked about all day today. When I was putting him to bed last night he was telling me about the things he hoped the elf puts into the bag (Sorry kid, but you aren’t going to be getting another firetruck or remote control car in the bag)

I can’t wait to share some of the things I am going to do with the kids in the bags. I have some great ideas and I hope they work out!

Here are some pictures of the first bags I did for the boys, as well as our specially decorated Christmas Tree (The boys were great helpers when it came to the tree, but I didn’t get any action shots of the decorating process!)



This was the first pouch I put together for the kids.




This is the felt tree that the kids are able to decorate over and over again. I was hoping it would encourage them to leave my tree alone… it works about 90% of the time! 





Our Christmas Tree! It now has blue garland as well. Alex felt that the tree just wasn’t right without some blue garland to go with the one blue ball we have and the blue lights. 



This was today’s pouch. It included paintbrushes and a red and green paint with the direction for the boys to paint the front window so Santa could find our house easier. Image

This has been the kids advent so far (The day missing pictures was a sticker activity, the battery in the camera conveniently died on me and needed to be charged!) 

Tomorrow we are going to write letters to Santa. I can’t wait to see their eyes light up when they receive letters back from Santa! 

Love, Hugs and more to come later! 

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