It’s Been Three Years….

I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact I am now officially a Mom to a three year old. Alex is three. Three. How did this happen? One day I was holding a tiny little being that was so perfect and amazing and scary. And now I am the mom to a three year old.


I can’t believe that you are three today. It’s insane that it has been three years since they placed you in my arms. Since then you have slowly spent less and less time in my arms, but know, they are always here for you. You still love to cuddle with me, when you are feeling sleepy, or upset about anything and I cherish that. I hope it’s still a long time before you think you are too big to come and get momma cuddles. Because to be honest, you will never be too old.
You have grown and changed so much in the last year since I was in awe over you turning two. You used to be so afraid to do anything without Daddy or I right there with you. Now you climb up the  big slide all by yourself without looking back. You love to run and jump and play. You are a smart little boy, singing your alphabet and counting to 13.
You can be so stubborn, so sure of what you want. And you will do anything to get it. I admire that in you, as much as I get frustrated with it, and I hope you learn how to use that quality to your best advantage later on in life. 
You are an amazing big brother. Anyone who sees you playing with your brother and sister is always so amazed that you are so caring and loving with them. Always making sure they have a toy to play with and that they are happy. 
Watching you grow these last three years has been the happiest and saddest thing. I am filled with pride seeing the little person you are becoming. I am filled with joy seeing your happiness when you accomplish something new. I see you change a little more every day and I can’t wait to see who you become. But, don’t rush growing up. Let’s enjoy being three together. 
You’re smile and blue eyes light up my world. You amaze me everyday.
I love you, little man, more then you can possibly understand right now. 

Love, hugs and more to come later

Merry Christmas 2013

The kids are in bed and I am stretched out on the couch. The supper dishes are in the sink and there are toys strewn throughout my house. It’s a little chaotic. 

Today was an odd sort of day for me. Nick was up early this morning and woke me up chanting ‘Santa Santa’ I went into the boys room and asked Nick if he wanted to go see if Santa came when Alex bolted up (he was sleeping) and shouted yes in his sleepy little voice. The boys were in awe this morning when we got downstairs. It was amazing. Zoey seemed relatively unimpressed by the whole ordeal, although she did enjoy eating the wrapping paper! 

I try not to go overboard for the kids at Christmas time, firmly believing that it’s not about the number of presents under the tree. What we get for them tends to depend on my budget, and with a family of five on one income, it’s slim. So I work really hard to make sure everything I get the kids is something they are going to love. And this year, I definitely accomplished that. I love seeing the joy and wonderment in their faces when they open a present that is exactly what they wanted. 

This year, we decided to get Alex his first board game. We went with Hungry Hungry Hippos, since every time the commercial comes on TV he gets excited and it seemed like a good choice for a 3 year old. The excitement was amazing. Every 3 seconds today he was asking me if we could play it again. Nick was the same way with his Lego and Trains. And Zoey is in love with her dolly. (The boys are too!) 

But, the day was a little weird for me. I was happy and peaceful surrounded by my husband and children, but I couldn’t help but feel like something was missing. And after a little while I realized what it was. My parents (a few provinces away from us) had been telling me about the dinner they were going to be having with my grandmother this evening. Hubs mom and step dad (an hour and a half away) had his grandmother, aunt and cousins over. Hubs dad and step mom  (also an hour and a half away) were going to his step mom’s parents house to have Christmas dinner with them. All over Facebook I see people posting statuses and pictures of family dinners and get togethers, and I, well.. I feel left out of it all.

Now, I know that there are lots of people out there who are alone during the holidays and I count myself very blessed that I have Hubs and the kids around me. And we are going to see Hubs mom on Friday and his dad on Saturday… but on days like today, I really wish we had some family close to us (not necessarily close as in relating to distance, but also close, as in, know you really well close)

I am trying to focus on all the good things today. The joy, the happiness, the yummy food I cooked, the fact that even though we lost power three times it was never for more then 10 minutes. The face I was with the four most important people to me. The fact the kids are all snuggled warm in bed, I am stretched out on the couch. The dishes are in the sink and their are toys everywhere. It’s chaotic. It’s perfect. And I am happy.

Love, hugs and more to come later 

Hanging out in the Dark

We’ve been getting hit with snow and freezing rain for the last five days. It’s been a miserable time. Hubs and I have been waiting for the power to go out. It always does. And it didn’t disappoint. Yesterday afternoon there were a couple flickers followed by darkness. Now, it’s been overcast outside, so there wasn’t much light to begin with, and it gets dark around 430-500. So when the power went out at 3, I was filled with a sense of dread about entertaining 2 toddlers and an infant in the dark. Among other things. But, I learned a lot last night. 

First off, I learned that all the nagging to put the outside stuff in the basement before the snow fell that my husband ignored worked out in my favor. Hubs was able to go out and BBQ supper last night, and we were able to give the kids a hot meal. I still think it should have been brought in before the snow fell, but I’ll get over it. 

I was really worried about how we were going to entertain the kids in the dark. Alex gets anxious when there are no lights and Nick tends to follow in his footsteps when Alex gets upset about things. But, it ended up being pretty easy to entertain them. We played trains, we read some stories and then we played tickle monster until bedtime. The laptops were both fully charged so we let them watch movies in bed using those until they fell asleep. 

Finding light sources was fun. We have flashlights, but the kids had been playing with them and I couldn’t remember where I had put them when I took them away from the kids. I have one candle. One. Because I don’t like using them with the kids around. It turns out though, the kids have lots of toys that light up. And there was even a toy flashlight in their tool box that my mom just bought them. We were set. 

My other biggest concerns were that I only had enough water sterilized for about 24 hours worth of bottles and I was going to run out of diapers in about 18 hours. (Since I use cloth, not being able to run the washer poses a bit of a problem) We decided that we weren’t going to worry about those things though. The weather was supposed to clear up in the morning and we would be able to head out and find a store that had power (worst case scenario we could venture into town and go to Walmart. On Christmas Eve, ick!) and grab some sterile water and diapers. It would be okay!

We lucked out, it was only going down to -7 C last night. So we knew it wouldn’t get too cold in the house. We dressed the kids in warm Pj’s before we put them to bed, because all of my kids like to kick their blankets off and I wanted to know they would be warm! 

We lucked out though, our power was only out for 9 hours. There are people in our community we are going to be waiting until the 28th. There are 45,000 people in New Brunswick that are without power as of this morning when I was looking at the NB power website.

I am blessed that we were so lucky with the power outages, and I was lucky that the kids were as cooperative as they were. This is the second year in a row that we lose our power days before Christmas. Last year we weren’t as lucky, we were without power for over 24 hours and it was a lot colder outside. Our house dropped below 15C in the first hour of the power going out. (We didn’t wait that one out here, with a 9 month old and a 2 yr old we braved the roads in a snowstorm to get to Hubs dad’s house before it got dark outside) 

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas! (Or a Happy Holiday regardless of what you celebrate!) 

Love, hugs and more to come later! 

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I love a white Christmas. There is something magical to all the snow covering the ground. Even though we celebrate indoors, and don’t actually go anywhere Christmas day, knowing it’s there matters. So, I was a little excited Sunday when we got 30-40 cm’s of the white fluffy stuff in our yard!! 

There is a Fire Hydrant in there somewhere… ha ha.. not that you can really see it

The boys, of course, wanted to get out and play in it as soon as they could. But unfortunately the weather didn’t really allow for it. Our house is out in the open and we were hit with quite a few windier cold days. Yesterday it was finally warm enough to take them out, and the wind wasn’t too crazy. So that is exactly what I did. I mean really…. who doesn’t want to spend 20 minutes dressing their kids to take them outside for 20 minutes and then bring them back in and spend another 10 minutes undressing them? They had fun though, and that makes it worth it. 


Aside from an overcast grey day, it was nice enough out for December and the kids loved playing in the snow. (Last year, Nick was too young and Alex was afraid of the snow, so I was glad to see them enjoying themselves!) After spending 25 minutes outside we came in and had some hot chocolate! It was a fun afternoon! I am looking forward to getting them outside again today!

Love, hugs and more to come later!

The Biggest Loser – Conclusion

I am going to start by saying, I didn’t win. It would have been nice to win a few hundred dollars, but I didn’t. And I am okay with that. In fact, I think I knew I wasn’t likely to win from the beginning. But, I am proud of myself for my accomplishments. 

I didn’t stick to all of my goals throughout the 8 weeks. And there are a lot of reasons for this. I am not going to say excuses. I hate when immediately assume that any reason you have for not working out, or reaching your goals is an excuse. 

So since we know I didn’t win the challenge, let’s talk about what I did too

First, I made some great lifestyle changes. Hubs and I now only eat out maybe 1 time a week. Usually not even that, and we are trying to stay away from unhealthy options and have things like Subway and salads. 
I am also now consistently drinking 2.2 liters (or more) a day. I bought a bottle that holds 2.2 liters and I make it a point to drink the whole thing every day. 
I am encouraging the kids to chose healthier snacks, and demonstrating to them that healthy can mean delicious, but it doesn’t mean giving up the things you love. They still get candies, cookies and treats. I still drink coffee with cream and sugar. I still eat chips and chocolate. I still drink pop. (Although we have made the switch to only clear pops, no dark pops) 
I was taking the kids walking everyday for a little while. But now with the snow and wind, it’s not as easy to take the kids outside to walk and going to the mall to walk every day just isn’t feasible. So now the kids and I have a dance party. It gets them active, and it gets me active! 

And the numbers. I am super proud of myself for a total weight loss percentage of 2.96% I started out at 169.2 and I am not 164.2!! That’s 5 lbs in 8 weeks!! I was hoping for 8 lbs in 8 weeks, but I am happy with my results and I am looking forward to seeing where I am in another 8 or so weeks. 

Love, hugs and more to come later!

Dinner Entertainment

Toddlers are always very entertaining. But tonight at supper, mine had me almost peeing myself. 

For supper tonight we had Subway sandwiches. So Alex is eating away, when he suddenly holds up a piece of cucumber and asks me if I want to share it with him. I reply no, but Nick says ‘me’. So Alex takes a bite out of the cucumber and hands it to Nick. 
N: mmmm
A: Okay give it back now Nick 
N: Shoves the cucumber into his mouth and shakes his head
A: Oh No. This is all my fault. Oh Nick. Can I have it back please?
N: Takes the chewed up cucumber out of his mouth and passes it to Alex, who proceeds to eat it. 

I have no idea where Alex picked up the whole ‘its all my fault’ but it made me laugh. 

A few minutes later, everyone is eating quietly when all of a sudden….
A: *yelling* Daddy give it back! (note, Hubs sits across the table from Alex, and didn’t take anything from him) 
H: Give what back?
A: The noodles. Give them back to Nick and Zoey
H: What noodles? No one has noodles. (remember, we had sandwiches, and Zoey had carrots)
M: Alex, what are you talking about?
A: Daddy put the noodles in his pocket
H: I don’t have any noodles in my pocket. 
A: Daddy! Give them back now! Don’t be mean! 

I seriously have no idea what he thought was going on. 

Apparently Nick didn’t like the meat on his sandwich. Every piece went into his mouth for 3 seconds before he passed them to Alex to eat. I wanted to stop him from giving the meat to Alex, since it had already been in his mouth. But I couldn’t after Alex pointed out that ‘Nick is sharing! That’s so nice! Thanks Nick’

I love my kids. They keep me entertained! 

Love, hugs and more to come later!

The Odds and Ends

I feel as though I haven’t been on here much lately. I come on at least once a day to read, but I haven’t really posted. Or at least I feel as though I haven’t. I have started a couple posts. Maybe I’ll go back and finish them. There hasn’t been much going on here, yet at the same time there has been tons. Does that even make sense?

The final weigh in for The Biggest Loser challenge I joined is coming up on Tuesday. I missed a couple weigh ins. But I made it to yesterday. I gained a pound. Ick. Part of me is very upset about it and part of me is taking it as the kick in the @ss I need. I am making more changes, but I will tell you about them in another post, once I have come up with a good plan. 

Christmas is coming up quick. I am done my shopping except for the stocking stuffers. And most of it is even wrapped. I wanted the boys to write letters to Santa. But they aren’t going to. Apparently my sons have decided that since Santa can see them, he knows what they want for Christmas and they aren’t writing to him and they aren’t going to see him at the mall. Sometimes my children are just too clever for their own good. But, I refuse to force them. If they aren’t into Santa, then they aren’t into Santa. I’ll just admire everyone else’s Santa pictures. 

They have been loving decorating the house with me and their pouches that they get every day. We are having fun counting down to Christmas with the pouches or activities and watching Christmas shows. They love Rudolph and the Grinch. Tomorrow we are going to watch Frosty. (And of course the Christmas specials of the shows they watch on TV) 

I have been spending an insane amount of time trying to get my mom’s Christmas gift done so I can get it in the mail to her. But, thanks to an awesome head cold, I lost about 3 days of work on it. (I try to get in about 3 hours a day total, I had about 12 hours left on it) My head cold was so terrible I didn’t have the coordination to hold the crochet hook, and when I was able too I ended up with a terrible migraine from being so congested. But today was feeling better and got about 2 hours of work in on it in total and Hubs says he is going to deal with everything tomorrow so I can spend the day crocheting. Hopefully I will have a picture to show you all of the project in the next day or so! 

But for me, I am off to bed. I am feeling super tired today!

Love, hugs and more to come later!

A Letter to a Friend

My friends are very important to me. There are a few people that I hold near and dear to me and I would be devastated if they were no longer in my life. There are a few people who have been there for me through thick and thin for a long time. And even though I may not talk to those people on a daily basis, I know if I needed them they would be there. And if they need me I am there for them. 

J is someone I have known since I was 16. He is a great person. He has jumped through hoops for his career and is making an amazing life for himself. He is also single. And I know this bothers him. A lot. So, I want to take some time and write a short letter to him and anyone else who needs a boost. 


First off, you are an amazing person. There are very few single guys who wouldn’t get annoyed at listening to me rant about my horrible mommy days. (Or maybe you do get annoyed, but you don’t show it!) I seriously mean it. You are amazing. Out there somewhere is an equally amazing person you are meant to spend your life with. You haven’t found her yet, or maybe you have and you just haven’t realized it. But that’s okay. It really is. I know you get lonely, and I know you want to settle down and have a family. But, it’s okay if that doesn’t happen today, tomorrow or even next week. 

Take your time. Don’t settle for someone just because you want what being in a relationship signifies. Settle down with someone that you can’t live without. Settle down with someone who brings out the better parts of you. With someone who is okay with your flaws and loves you for them (or even in spite of them). Wait until you find the person who completes you. The person who makes you feel like even your bad days are okay. The person who always knows what to say to make you smile. The person who knows when you let you sulk in silence. The person who knows when all you need is a hug. 

Being in a marriage is an amazing thing. Having kids is also amazing. And I know you want those things. But don’t rush yourself. Don’t settle for less then you deserve.

I know the holidays can be hard when you are alone and you are seeing couples and families everywhere. But just because you aren’t in a relationship doesn’t mean you aren’t appreciated by someone. It doesn’t mean that there isn’t someone out there who cares. Those people are still there, they have the title of friend, parent, sibling, cousin. 

Somewhere in your future is the person who is going to make all the days of being single worth it. 

Also, come visit me sometime, it’s been almost 9 years since I’ve seen you and I miss you. 

Love, hugs and more to come later!

Finding the Elusive Gift

When it comes to Christmas gifts for the kids, Hubs and I set limits. I don’t want to go overboard. Between us, their grandparents and uncles, the kids get more then enough for Christmas gifts. 

Each child typically gets a few gifts from us and 1 from Santa. So I do my best to make the gifts we get them count. I pay attention to what attracts them in the toy store. I pay attention to what they notice on TV. And I pay attention to what they ask for. 

Alex has been asking for Chuggington trains. Well. Chuggington is IMPOSSIBLE to find around where I live. I was having no luck finding anything for a decent price on EBay and Amazon has been out of stock on the two Alex wants the most since September. I had pretty much given up and I was looking for an alternative for him. 

Then I was on Kijiji today. I found someone selling 8 Chuggington trains and a track for $20. SCORE! The catch? It’s in a town a little more then an hour away from where I live. Oh the things we do for our kids. So next week Hubs and I are going to take the kids on a road trip and go pick up this toy (I really don’t care that it’s used, and I don’t see Alex caring either) I can’t wait to see his face light up on Christmas morning. 

Hubs gift was elusive too. But I can’t tell you about that because occasionally he comes and reads my blog and I would hate to ruin the surprise for him. I know he has no idea what I got him, and I know he is super curious. But, sorry Hubs, you’re going to have to wait a little bit longer to find out! 

Oh yea, and those letters that we were going to write to Santa yesterday? Apparently my kids are against that, they had no interest what so ever. So I gave up. Maybe next year!

Love, hugs and more to come later