Hello Cranky Kids!

What do you do when it’s been windy and miserable outside for a few day and two of your kids are stuffed up as a result of teething? 

This is what I do: 



I let them paint on the window. It entertained them, and gave me a much needed half hour without them fighting. (Just ignore Nick’s pink soother. He’s a suck when he is teething) 

Love, Hugs and more to come later

The Biggest Loser Week Three


I don’t want to talk about it. I gained weight. I am trying to tell myself it’s because last week I weighed myself on my scale, but my scale shows the same weight as the ‘challenge scale’. As far as the challenge goes, I am still on a losing streak, but that’s only because I missed last week. If I had gone in last week, this week would be a gaining week. It’s my own fault. I knew I wasn’t drinking enough water and I knew I was being lazy and I knew I was skipping meals. Next week will be better though!

Last Week – 164.0
This Week – 165.4

It’s not a huge gain. I can get over it. I’m just a little disappointed in myself for making the choices I knew would lead to this.

Here’s to a new week starting tomorrow morning!

Love, Hugs and more to come later!

You know it’s going to be a good day when….

Once a week, a couple ladies and I get together for coffee night. Last night we decided that wine night was a better idea. It was. Of course, after almost 3 glasses of wine, I was feeling pretty good. 

When I got home last night, Hubs agreed to get up with the kids through the night since I was obviously in no shape to get up with them, assuming I even heard them. 

The kids had a pretty good night. Zoey was up once (which for how she has been teething is good) And Nick was only up twice (which based on how he has been sleeping lately, is awesome) 

I slept through them. I didn’t hear them, at all. It was the best sleep I have had in a long time. I woke up at 6 this morning with the kids feeling good. I told Hubs that he should go back to bed and I would stay up with the kids. After I got the kids all settled and playing, I decided that I was going to have a cup of coffee. 

Having a cup of coffee in the morning while all three kids are up and Hubs is sleeping is impossible. If anything I get about half the cup before I get busy with the kids and then when I get back to my coffee it’s cold. Since I know this is going to happen, I just don’t care. I pour the coffee knowing I am likely only going to get to enjoy half of it. 


But this morning wasn’t like that. This morning I poured my coffee, sat down, turned on the computer and drank my coffee while catching up on some reading. With no interruptions. The kids all played together. I drank a whole cup of coffee. While it was hot. 

And that is how I know today is going to be a good day. 

Love, Hugs and more to come later!

Wine Night!

Tonight is wine night. I am excited. Tomorrow is weigh in. I am not excited. But here are a couple awesome pictures the wonderful T did for my family not long ago. I love them and wanted to share how adorable my kids are. Also I haven’t had anytime to write anything and I don’t want anyone to think I am still in the wonky frame of mind I was in with my last post. I shook that pretty quick thanks to some awesome friends!



Lots of pictures I know. My kids are my pride and joy. As cliche as that sounds. And I am sure all parents out there feel the same way I do! Nick still isn’t sleeping right. Alex is picking up on everyone being tired and stressed. And Zoey’s teething. Looking at their pictures helps me remember that time goes fast. I am trying hard to enjoy them everyday, but, my goodness, cranky kids are difficult! Happy Monday!

Love, hugs and more to come later!

There Is No Place Like Home For The Holidays

I am really home sick today. I don’t really know why. It might have something to do with my Facebook feed being filled with friends who are going to see their parents. I miss my Mom and Dad. And I know the kids do too. Which makes it that much harder. 

I find it adorable when the kids want to go visit their Nana and Papa. I share the stories of them trying to pack a bag and put their shoes on, of them telling me they are sailing the ‘potion’ to visit Nana and Papa, or trying to rescue them from pictures. I do it with a smile, loving how close my kids are to my family even though we are so far away. 


But honestly, it makes me want to sit down and cry. 

Maybe I am feeling a melancholy because of the serious lack of sleep I have been experiencing. I don’t know. I do know that right now I am wishing with all my heart I could take my kids home to my parents for Christmas next month. But, it’s not feasible. Christmas is still going to be great, being here with Hubs, the kids, and a group of great friends. But, there is nothing like being around extended family, sharing in the love and spirit of Christmas. 

I have been working on crocheting a blanket for my Mom for Christmas. I will share it here when I am all done. (Mom doesn’t follow my blog, I chose not to share it with many people in my real life.. it enables me to be more open and honest when I am writing) 

Once I am done Mom’s blanket I am going to get started on crocheting the kids new advent calendar. I decided to do something different with them this year and I am going to have an activity/craft for each day from Dec 2 until Christmas eve. I am throwing my all into Christmas this year to make it as awesome for the kids and us as I can to fill that void that family normally fills. 

I am truly counting myself blessed and lucky right now to have friends like K and T (Both of whom follow this blog) So to them, I want to say: Thank you both. Thank you and your families for always being there for me. The two of you have been the constants there for me through everything I have been going through. Supporting, encouraging, helping, listening, laughing. I don’t know if I could do this without you guys. I am truly blessed to have the two of you to always depend on through everything. Thank you guys for being the family my kids are missing out on! 

Love, Hugs and more to come later!

Why I Hate Daylight Savings – Reason 1 million and forty seven.

Another reason time change sucks…

It’s 4:06 PM, and it’s getting dark.

Alex is telling me ‘Momma, it’s darking. It means it’s bedtime. It’s getting dark. It isn’t going lighter. It’s going dark. I go to bed now’

I reply ‘No sweetie, it isn’t bedtime. It’s getting dark, but we have to have supper and bath and brush our teeth and read a story before bed.’
A: No Momma, it’s darking. It’s bedtime.
M: We need to eat supper first
A: No. It’s darking
M: Darking isn’t a word. It’s getting dark. 
A: Yes. Bedtime. Ok. 
M: No, it’s awake time. We haven’t even watch Bubble Guppies yet. 
A: No Mommy, you’re wrong. 
M: Alex, how many parents do you have?
A: 5
M: Oh.. Okay… Can you go bug one of the other ones?
A: Like Daddy?
M: yes. Daddy would be perfect. 
A: You need a coffee Momma?
M: yes. Yes I do. Thank You

This was 10 minutes ago. He is still going on about how it is dark and he has to go to bed now. But, when it is bedtime, I bet you I get tears and arguing from him! 

Love, hugs and more to come later!

I did NOT name you that.

Apparently Alex is no longer Alex. 

I called him over and he ignored me. I went over to him and said ‘Hey, what’s your name? I think I am calling your name’
‘I’m Al’ 
‘I thought you were Alex?’
‘Nope. I’m Al. Silly Mommy’


Huh. Well I’m glad we cleared that up. 

Love, hugs and more to come later