Sunshine on a Rainy Day

When Alex was coming up on two years old (about a year ago) everyone warned me about the terrible twos. ‘Get ready’ they would say ‘twos are the worst’ they would say. Well they weren’t. My mostly angelic one year old, turned into a pretty awesome two year old. ‘just wait,’ they said ‘threes are even worse’ Well. After all the hoopla about him turning two I tuned them all out. Alex was above that, he wasn’t going to hit those stereotypical milestones. 


Alex is almost three, and this week has been hell. Seriously. Sure he still has his cute sweet moments. But. Oh. My. Goodness. 

And on top of that, Nick is coming onto two the way everyone told me Alex would. My house is a circus, and not one of those little cute ones. 

The hitting, the kicking, the yelling, temper tantrums, fighting, ignoring me when I talk, talking back. The list goes on. 

Yesterday Alex lost his mind at Nick because Nick didn’t want to play Ring Around the Rosie with him. Then, they screamed at each other because they both had the train the other wanted. 

But then this morning, I came online to read a bit while the kids played and I realized that none of that mattered. I read these two posts: ‘Validation‘ written by Broken Condoms; a hilarious Mom to two little ones pretty close in age and ‘Mommy didn’t poop sweetie….‘ written by How to Ruin a Toddler’s Day; another hilarious Mom to one little one who recently went through a tough time. If you are having a rough Mommy day (or a daddy day, or anyone looking after little one day), I strongly recommend that you do read one or both of those posts. 

I needed both of these posts this morning to remind me that yes, things get tough. They are hard. Sometimes you want to give up. But, they are amazing little beings that you are shaping and helping grow. And it’s all worth it for those sweet amazing moments. Like hearing Alex tell his brother that he is his best friend. And hearing Nick reply with ‘Alex’ and giving him a hug. Those are the moments I live for. Those moments make the bad days and weeks worth it. 

Love, hugs and more to come later

10 thoughts on “Sunshine on a Rainy Day

  1. Hi there! Good new ahead… Four is MAGICAL compared to age three!!! There is a sudden appearance of logic and empathy MUCH of the time. And funny. My God, the funny. 🙂

  2. I’m glad the post helped! We’ve had a rough couple of days! I’ve been close to having a little tantrum on more than one occasion. It’s the little things. And it’s okay!

  3. That was true for my oldest too – no problem with 2 years old but lots when she was 3! O_O Our middle child was easy peasy, just super active. Our youngest has sbeen a handful already, and we just started with timeouts recently. SUCH a huge difference in his behavior. I had been getting worried…haha
    Oh, I love Jennifer’s posts! lol

  4. Hate to break it to you, but sibling rivalry is a thing all of its own and they won’t ever grow out of it, not when they are four or five or six or ever.

    I watched this documentary on the Dalai Lama a while back. When they found the man who is now the Dalai Lama he was three or four years old, I think. They took him and his whole family from the country to the monastery. The trip was over 200 miles and they traveled in a cart pulled by donkeys. Anyway, the point that I’m getting to is: they said the Dalai Lama fought with his siblings for the whole entire 200+ miles by donkey cart.

    I try to remember that when my boys are squabbling with each other. They’re no different than the Dalai Lama…..

    • My boys don’t fight much. It’s very uncommon with them. But when they do fight… my goodness. It’s a battle royale!
      I know siblings aren’t always going to get along, but my goodness it can be exhausting! 🙂

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