Why I Hate Daylight Savings – Reason 1 million and forty seven.

Another reason time change sucks…

It’s 4:06 PM, and it’s getting dark.

Alex is telling me ‘Momma, it’s darking. It means it’s bedtime. It’s getting dark. It isn’t going lighter. It’s going dark. I go to bed now’

I reply ‘No sweetie, it isn’t bedtime. It’s getting dark, but we have to have supper and bath and brush our teeth and read a story before bed.’
A: No Momma, it’s darking. It’s bedtime.
M: We need to eat supper first
A: No. It’s darking
M: Darking isn’t a word. It’s getting dark. 
A: Yes. Bedtime. Ok. 
M: No, it’s awake time. We haven’t even watch Bubble Guppies yet. 
A: No Mommy, you’re wrong. 
M: Alex, how many parents do you have?
A: 5
M: Oh.. Okay… Can you go bug one of the other ones?
A: Like Daddy?
M: yes. Daddy would be perfect. 
A: You need a coffee Momma?
M: yes. Yes I do. Thank You

This was 10 minutes ago. He is still going on about how it is dark and he has to go to bed now. But, when it is bedtime, I bet you I get tears and arguing from him! 

Love, hugs and more to come later!

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