They’re all against me.

A friend of mine just told me that she finally has her husband on board to try for baby number 3. Upon receiving her message, this is the conversation that went on in my home: 

M: Hey Honey, guess what?!?
H: What?
M: K just told me she got D on board for another baby.
H: Oh yea
M: Yea. We should have another one too, then K and I could be pregnant together again (She was pregnant when I was pregnant with Alex and Nick) 
H: No
M: (In a pretend whiny voice) But Honey, K is getting another baby, I want one toooooo!
H: K still needs to catch up to you. 
M: (I stick my tongue out at Hubs and turn to Alex) Hey Alex, do you want another baby?
A: No, Thank You. 
H: See, even the kids are on my side. 

Now, I should point out, that I don’t want to have anymore babies right now.  I am 100% happy and perfect with the three we have. I was joking around when I told Hubs we should have another one.  (Just so no one gets the wrong idea) But I have a feeling if K gets pregnant, baby fever is going to hit this Momma hard!

Love, hugs and more to come later!

2 thoughts on “They’re all against me.

  1. Haha, I love their responses!
    Baby fever is so unfair. Seriously, it is IMPOSSIBLE to not want one yourself, when pregnancy is around you!

    • It is. We have agreed that we don’t want more for the next year or so at least (too many things happening with his career) and since the 3 kids are so close together we don’t want to have a fourth way spaced out, so to have more, I need to convince him we want two more :p

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