Rice Ships and Ketchup Ocean

I wish I could say that this post is going to be about some great and creative cool meal idea I did with the kids, but it isn’t. It’s a quick snap shot into a very interested meal time at our house. I made Pork Chops in a creamy mushroom sauce and rice for supper tonight. Alex said he wasn’t hungry and wanted to draw at the table while we ate. Since he  has been a super crank today I allowed it just so he would stop whining and crying. This is the conversation that happened while we were eating. 

A: Mom, look I drawing
M: Yep. What are you drawing?
A: Gordon
M: Okay
A: Mom its really hard. You help me?
M: I’m eating bud. I can help you later. 
N: (pointing at the ketchup bottle) Please?
H: Can you say Ketchup?
N: (grins) Pleeeeeease
H: Keeeettttccchhhhuuuuuupppppp
N: please
H: Say Ketchup
N: mmmm Please?
M: Nick Nick, say Ketchup?
N: etchip 
*insert glare from hubs. ha ha* 
A: Can I have Kethups please?
H: Sure. Are you going to eat?
A: okay
*Hubs gives Alex some ketchup, Alex proceeds to use his hands and start mixing the rice into the ketchup*
M: Whatcha doing Alex?
A: Making pirate ships
M: with your rice?
A: yep I guess so
M: …
A: Look. Ketchup Ocean
M: Can you eat the pirate ship?
A: Okay. *eats a little bit* Oh no. 
H: What’s wrong?
A: I’m all sticky
N: please!
H: ketchup?
N: yea
H: can you say ketchup?
N: please!
A: I’m all sticky
M: I’ll wash your hands when you are done eating
H: ketchup?
A: Yes Please
N: Yea!
M: *laughing* Nick, can you say ketchup?
N: etchup

Never a dull moment in the Momma Needs Coffee house! 

Love, hugs and more to come later!

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