Birthday Parties

Halloween is past. That means Alex’s birthday is coming up (well really not until after Christmas but we celebrate it at the end of November/early December) So I am in full out party planning mode for my baby. Who is turning three. THREE YEARS OLD! I have been a mom for almost three years and, if I do say so myself, I am doing pretty freaking amazing at it! 

This year, we are having a pirate themed birthday party for Alex. (Last year we did a crayon theme and it was awesome!) I ordered him a shirt through a wonderful WAHM I found on Facebook. She has done some amazing and fabulous shirts for me and she is the first person I think of when I want anything special made for the kids. 


T has agreed to make his cake which is going to be awesome and Pinterest is giving me tons of ideas on how I want to decorate and such. 

I tend to go a little overboard when it comes to the kids parties (although, since I don’t do birthday parties for their first birthdays, this is really only the second party I have planned for the kids, and they have both been for Alex ha ha!) 

This was my house last year for his crayon party: 



Alex and his awesome birthday shirt!



Because of his winter birthday, we brought the slide up so the kids would have something fun and active to do!




This was his ‘cake’ each crayon was made from edible paper, white chocolate and cake!


It was so much fun. I enjoyed getting it all together and seeing his reaction. I am looking forward to it again this year. 

I might seem to go a little overboard, but in reality his whole party was less then $75 (and the cake itself was $50!) My budget this year (not including cake and present) is $20. The cake isn’t going to cost me much maybe another $20. It’s all about the time I put into it. And seeing his face last year when he woke up in the morning and the house was decorated for his birthday was more then worth all the time Hubs and I put into the whole thing. 

I love birthday parties! 

Love, hugs and more to come later!



6 thoughts on “Birthday Parties

  1. Thanks for the reminder on what you can do with a small budget. I want my son to have a special birthday (he is 3 next month too!) but I can’t spend too much. I look forward to seeing pics.

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