The Biggest Loser Challenge – Getting Started

As I mentioned in my post last night, I have recently joined a Biggest Loser weight loss challenge in my town.


The way it works:

It is being run by a woman on our community. Everyone who wants to participate was required to pay a $20 registration fee (to be put into a pot for the winner) We go to her home every Tuesday evening to be weighed (to be sure we are using the same scale every week and there are no discrepancies!). There are weekly prizes donated by WAHM’s for the person who lose the most weight that week. If you gain weight in any week you owe a $2 fee. On December 17, (after 8 weeks) we are going to have our final weigh in as well as a potluck and find out who the winner is. The winner is determined by who has the highest percentage of weight loss.

Why I am doing it:

I decided to join the group because Zoey is 5 months old and I haven’t lost a pound since she was a month old. I haven’t gained either, but I still weigh more then I would like to. I like the idea of being held accountable. And having a support group behind me. And a little healthy competition is always fun! This is also the reason I am choosing to share this with the blogging world. It holds me a little more accountable, and you guys are a great group of supportive people!

My plan:

Going to the gym a hundred times a week isn’t going to happen for me. First off, I can’t afford a membership and second I just don’t see myself sticking to it. I want to make lifestyle changes that I can stick to. Not just changes to lose weight over the next 8 weeks that I am going to put right back on!

So my plan is to walk every day, both with and without the kids. I am being more conscious of my eating choices. No more skipping meals (which I do waaaay more then I should) Other then coffee, the only thing I plan to drink is iced water (with lemon when I need the flavor) In my coffee I am lowering the amount of cream I use and sweetening it with honey instead of sugar. I am planning on getting a skipping rope and spending 5 minutes at a time skipping (hopefully a few times a day) and every other day I am planning on going to a fast paced 30 minutes bike ride.

Based on a healthy BMI (using the unreliable online BMI calculators) My ideal weight is 97-132 lbs. After talking with my Dr, my goal weight is 125 lbs. But more then a weight loss goal, my goal is to feel good about my body. To feel confident with how I look. To feel healthy.

My starting weight for this 8 week challenge is 169.2 lbs.

Any advice, links, recipes (the more family friendly the better!) etc are more then welcome!

Love, hugs and more to come later!

A Day In The Life —- Tuesday

Winding Road

Tuesdays in the Momma Needs Coffee household can be a little chaotic. Today was for sure. Every second Tuesday is grocery day, but today wasn’t a grocery day, we aren’t on that week! 

Today started off like any other day. I was up and out of bed by 630. I tried to convince the boys they wanted to stay in bed, since, you know, it was still DARK outside. But they wanted to get up and that was that. 

Tuesday is library day for the boys. The library in my area runs a program called Toddler Tales on Tuesday in September and October. The boys love it. It is only a 30 minute program but when you factor in getting to and from the library and trying to do a craft that involves glue sticks and stickers with the two boys on my own, not to mention trying to get them both to sit still and not talk while the librarian is reading, I am ready for a nap by the time we are done with the whole thing. Although, that almost never happens. Every second Tuesday is groceries, and the weeks that we don’t grocery shop there is usually something else going on. Today T and Baby L came over for the afternoon. Which is always nice, as I feel like we almost never see each other anymore. Mostly because I spent the last almost 2 weeks quarantined because I ended up sick.  

Aside from T being over, our afternoon mostly flowed the way it normally does. Until after supper. When I decided the boys should paint their Halloween Pumpkins:





Obviously. I am insane. So, when they were done it was bath time. After bath, they followed the Bubble Guppies, Teeth Brushing, Story reading, Bedtime routine. 

T and I are taking part in a Biggest Loser Challenge in our town. Tonight was our first weigh in. I am going to be posting more on that in another post, so I can track what I am doing and how my weight loss is going. 

Now I am home. And baking chocolate ship cookies. Trying desperately not to eat the dough. Or the cookies. 

Baking cookies seemed like a good start to a weight loss challenge. What do you think?

Love, Hugs and more to come later!


A Day in the Life – Monday

One would think that my days of the week would all be the same and drag into one another. Right now Hubs and I are both stay at home parents (the joy of being a stay at home mom and him being able to take parental leave without sacrificing his career in any way!) But it’s not like that at all. Even though we are both home, we work at keeping things different all the time. This week I am going to join in on Kerry from The Winding Road‘s idea of sharing what a typical day in my life is like.

Today is Monday. For most people, it means the end of the weekend. For me, it means coffee night. And I get to sleep in.

Most nights Hubs gets up during the night with the kids and I get up in the morning with them while he grabs a couple hours of extra sleep. Unless everyone sleeps through the night, then we all get up together.

Last night, I got up with the boys at 1 am when they both woke up and thought we should get up and play. Seriously. So this morning I should’ve been able to sleep in, but sadly I wasn’t able too. All three kids woke up at the same time, and when that happens, it is suuuper chaotic and I knew all the diapers were in the dryer. So I felt obligated to get up and help. At 6 in the morning. Yay.

When we get up in the morning all the kids get a new diaper, Zoey has a bottle, the boys get a cup of milk and then we make breakfast about 30 minutes after they get up.

Today after breakfast, I was falling asleep. So I decided to stretch out on the couch and close my eyes for a little while since the boys were playing trains and Zoey was in her jumper. Of course not 30 seconds after closing my eyes, I had 2 toddlers climbing me. There goes my nap!

After playing with the kids for awhile, 1030 rolls around and Zoey is ready for her nap! And Bubble Guppies comes on Treehouse. My favorite time of the day. (At least at 1030 it is) Hubs took Zoey up for her nap, I lied down on the couch. The boys sat on my legs and watch Bubble Guppies. And I slept. It was glorious.

And then, 15 minutes later, someone knocked on the door. Garg.

It was Hubs new laptop screen!! (You can read about this incident here)

I suddenly didn’t mind being woken up. Of course, Hubs then spent the next 3 hours trying to put the new screen into his laptop.

During this time, Zoey got up from her nap, I made lunch, started supper, fed Zoey, changed diapers (2 of which were poopy!) Got Nick down for his nap and Alex down for his rest, swept and mopped, and got to use my computer. Go me.

After hubs was done with his computer, I decided to go upstairs and shower and get dressed since I needed to go to the store (this was 2 pm) Alex had just gotten up from his rest, and Nick was still sleeping. I went into my room to grab some clothes and lied down on the bed and slept. Until 3. That’s how long it took for Hubs to realize I was still upstairs and come investigate.  Oh well. It was a good sleep!

At this point, we all got ready to head out to the store.

When we got to the mall, Hubs went to pull the double stroller out for Zoey and Nick when he gets tired. Alex decided he needed a stroller too. So we went in with the double for the younger two and an umbrella stroller for Lazy Bones Jones.

Shopping with my kids is always funny. When we walked into the grocery store, Alex immediately asked what we needed. When I told him milk and bread, he started directing me to where we needed to go. Nick pointed out all the things he wanted us to buy, and tried to stretch far enough to reach it himself. Zoey, she slept.

Came home, played, had supper, played some more, and then (finally) bedtime!

I love bedtime! I put the boys to bed every night and I really enjoy doing it. We watch Bubble Guppies (again!) and then the boys know it’s time to go upstairs. They brush their teeth (while I sing our teeth brushing song) then the boys race to bed. Once they are all tucked in, I read them a story and then it’s lights out.

Today being Monday, it was coffee night! yay!

Coffee night means Momma gets to leave the house, have adult conversation with two wonderful ladies and no interruptions!  It is always nice.

Then, I come home, read some blogs (post a bit) and now I am going to get ready for bed as it is 11 pm and 6 am is going to come early!

For your enjoyment here is the teeth brushing song I sing to the boys while they brush (sung to the tune of ‘here we go round the mulberry bush): 

Show me how you brush your teeth, brush your teeth, brush your teeth, show me how you brush your teeth before you go to bed
This is how I brush Alex’s teeth, Alex’s teeth, Alex’s teeth, this is how I brush Alex’s teeth before he goes to bed
This is how I brush Nick Nick’s teeth Nick Nick’s teeth Nick Nick’s teeth, This is how I brush Nick Nick’s teeth before he goes to bed
Show me how you brush your tongue, brush your tongue, brush your tongue, show me how you brush your tongue before you go to bed. 
Show me how you brush your teeth, brush your teeth, brush your teeth, show me how you brush your teeth before you race to bed
one two three go! 

Love, hugs and more to come later!


Winding Road

Hypocritical Parenting

I have felt like such a hypocrite lately when it comes to Alex and Nick. In some ways I feel guilty. But at the same time, I really don’t. 

I am constantly harping on Alex and Nick to share their toys. To not take things from one another. To take turns. But, I am hating sharing my laptop with Hubs. And every time I go to use it and he is using it, I want to stomp my feet and demand it. 

I don’t use my computer a lot in the run of a day, but I am on and off of it all day. I do other things and I pop on to look at random things. He’s not on it a lot either. But normally, especially in the evening, we are both on our laptops at the same time. 

I am sure that at least one person out there is wondering why I am sharing my laptop with him when we both have laptops that are less then a year old. 

Well. Let me tell you. 

The other night I was in the kitchen cooking supper. I could hear Hubs and the kids in the living room. I hear a bang, followed by an ‘Oh No’ from Hubs. In my head, I figure one of the kids had a toy on the couch and knocked it off or something and don’t think anything of it. Until Hubs comes into the kitchen holding his laptop. 

Turns out he had it on the arm of the couch where he normally has it (it’s a wide arm, and right against the arm of the chair which is also wide) But he left it open when he got up to help the kids with something instead of closing it. He bent down to turn Zoey’s chair so she could watch the boys playing. Banged it with his bum, and knocked it on the floor. (This was the calm ‘Oh No’ that I heard) When he picked it up, his laptop screen was cracked, and royally screwed. 

So, we researched the price of replacing it. I found a decently priced place and worked it into our budget. The easiest place to put it without moving too many things around was mid November. I could have fit it in earlier, but I felt like he deserved to not have it since it was his silliness that broke it. 

It’ll be here Monday. 

Seriously. We shared for 2 days. And I moved the budget around and ordered it with express shipping. I do not like sharing my computer with him. I don’t like not being able to use it whenever I want. 

Hypocritical parenting for the win. 

Love, hugs and more to come later!


Yesterday I was out shopping for the kids Halloween costumes. It was fun. Alex already had a pirate costume and I just needed to get Nick one, and maybe something for Zoey. 

I don’t know what was up with the stores around here, but the selection SUCKED. 

I could not find Nick a pirate costume. Knowing my boys, if they don’t match, all hell is going to break lose. So I needed to find something else they would both like. 

Walking around the store, Alex and Nick noticed the firefighter costumes and wanted them. Seemed perfect to me. And what was right beside the firefighter costumes? A dalmatian puppy! How perfect! 

But of course the puppy costume was in 18-24 months. Nothing in Zoey’s size. Go figure. 

But, I found her an outfit at Walmart that is black pants and a dalmatian puppy sweater! It’s so cute! It’s perfect! And the best part? I’m not spending tons of money on something they are only going to wear once! The firefighter costumes are perfect for dress up and Zoey can wear hers as clothes! 

I can’t wait to get a picture of them in their costumes! 

We are planning on taking them out for supper and then to the mall to trick or treat for a bit. Zoey is going to come along, she is just going to be in the stroller while the boys go store to store. We did it last year and it worked out pretty well for us, since it was pouring rain out anyways. And they go to bed at 7, they don’t last later then that and I find most people don’t start handing out candy until after 6 to begin with. The mall starts at 5, which works out much better and is geared towards young kids! 

I look forward to seeing the looks of awe on the kids faces when they realize people are just going to hand them candy 🙂 

Love, hugs and more to come later!


Being Thankful

I cooked a Thanksgiving dinner today even though I was feeling miserable. Mostly because the ham was out and I didn’t want it to go to waste. 

Hubs and Nick ate tons. Zoey loved the sweet potatoes and carrots.

Alex declared it yucky and asked for a waffle. 

I am thankful for my kids.

Honest. I am.

Love, hugs and more to come later


What I am most Thankful for – Thanksgiving 2013


My boys. They are best friends. I was scared shitless when I found out I was pregnant again when Alex was only 7 months old. I had no clue how in the world I was going to cope with it all. But it has been the best thing ever.  Alex is a smart, silly boy who is always looking to please. He loves helping and being a big brother. He is always looking out for Nick and Zoey, and I can already see the strong bonds of love forming between them all. Nick is an affectionate, stubborn little monkey. He brightens everything up and loves to make everyone smile. He looks up to his big brother and dotes on his little sister. (Even giving her a goose egg at 2 weeks old trying to share a toy with her!) 



Zoey is my ray of sunshine. She completes our perfect little family. Always full of smiles for everyone. She watches everything around her with rapt attention, trying to figure it all out. She is always babbling and giggling! 



Hubs. This picture is an old one of us. From when I was pregnant with Alex. Hubs is my rock. He has put up with me through the good, the bad and the ugly. He has helped me through so many things, I can’t even list them all. I can’t imagine my life without him. Seriously. 



My brothers. I am very thankful for my brothers. Being the only girl with four younger brothers wasn’t easy. But I am eternally grateful for them. 



My Mom and Dad. As tough as things can get, being so far away from them. I am thankful that they love and support me through it all. I am thankful that they are always there for me no matter one and I am thankful that they are such amazing grandparents to my children. 

I am also amazingly thankful for my extended family and friends, as well as my WordPress family. I am thankful to have people around me who want the best for me and my family. 

I am thankful for good health, for our home, our country, the food I can feed my children, our freedom. The list goes on and on. 

Love, hugs and more to come later!