Our Halloween 2013

We have been getting ready for Halloween all month! It has been a busy month full of crafts! This post is going to be mostly pictures as our Halloween was more or less uneventful. 

We spent the day watching Halloween episodes of the kids favorite shows, talking about Trick or Treating and then going to the mall to Trick or Treat. Which the kids loved. What’s not to love about walking around the mall and having random people drop candy into your bucket? 

Our word of the day was spooky. Which Alex cannot pronounce to save his life. (It comes out sounding like ‘smokey’ ‘smoked meat’ or ‘stick me’ when he tries) Nick mastered saying ‘trick or tree though! 

I also handed out candy. To all three of the kids who came to my door. (The joy of living at the end of a road, across from a school with no one living in the houses around you I guess) 

Anyway… onto the pictures! 



First off we made monsters. The initial point was to make 1 face on them… but the kids were more creative then that. Above is Nick’s. Below is Alex’s.




From there, the kids painted their pumpkins. That was a mess and most of the pumpkin was just brown from mixing the colors, but they had a great time, and that’s what matters to me!





Once the Pumpkins were painted, the kids used these plastic things to make faces. (kind of like Mr. Potato Head) The pieces were a little tough to get in but with some help they made some pretty… awesome…. faces! (the top one is Nicks, the bottom one is Alex’s) 




The next craft we did was make spooky pictures using black construction paper and white crayons. The boys thought it was pretty neat that we finally found a use for those white crayons that always seem broken! 





We also made some scary ghosts to scare Daddy with. (Daddy acted appropriately scared!)




Next we made some Jack o Lanterns. The boys painted the wooden pumpkins orange then with some help we cut out faces and glued them down and finished up the decorating with stickers and hung them up on the wall. 




Of course, this wouldn’t be much of a Halloween post without a picture of the kids in their costumes, so here it is!




And a close up of Zoey so you can see her costume a little better. We had a great October! Now we are going to slowly do some pirate crafts to decorate for Alex’s birthday and then get started on some Christmas ones! The kids are loving doing crafts and I am loving that they love it! 

Love, hugs and more to come later!


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