The Biggest Loser – Week 1 Weigh In


Over the last week I have made a few changes to my lifestyle but nothing to drastic. My main goal is to change my lifestyle, and make changes I can stick to. As much as I love the idea of winning money for losing weight, I would rather be all around healthier and not put the weight back on by doing fad diets etc. (Not that I am saying anyone in the challenge is, it’s just something I really don’t want to do, even if doing so might mean I would lose a lot of weight fast)

What I did this week:

I have had at least 6 glasses of water a day. My goal was 10 (to compensate for my coffee intake) and some days I met that, and some days I didn’t. But everyday I had 6. (which was an improvement over the 2-4 I had been getting) I only had 2 small glasses of pop over the last week. (I used to have a glass everyday with supper)

I have also bundled the kids up for a walk every day in the last week. Except Saturday. It was raining Saturday. Every time I go into the basement for any reason, I skip rope.

And I have been eating 3 meals and 2-3 snacks everyday. But I haven’t been monitoring what I eat. Just making sure I eat. (I had pizza, McDonald’s, Doughnuts etc this week)

Next weeks changes:

When I went grocery shopping today we bought no pop, no chips, and stuck to (mostly) healthier snack and meal options. (I did buy a pizza for Thursday night as we are going to want a fast supper, and some dark chocolate covered coffee beans for a treat for me instead of raiding the Halloween candy. I can only eat 2-3 at a time, I love the coffee flavor but its too strong to eat too many of.

I am also going to do a Abs-So-Tightly Right 24 day challenge. It consists of crunches, leg lifts and the plank position.

And of course continue with last weeks changes.

My Numbers:

Last week my weight was: 169.2
This week my weight is: 166.4

For a total of 2.8 lbs lost (or 1.65%)

Go me!!

Love, Hugs and more to come later!


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