Oh Why.. Why… Why…

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Monday. At least here in Canada. I have been thinking the last couple days about writing a ‘Thankful, Thanksgiving post’ and I plan too. 

But not right now. Right now I am going to write a woe is me post. I am going to whine about how miserable I am. I’ll be thankful later. 

This morning I woke up with the worst sore throat, stuffed nose, headache, ear ache, and chills. I am absolutely miserable. And I am supposed to cook a Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. I guess I am thankful for one thing right now… I am thankful that I can take medicine to make me feel better, unlike the last bazillion times I have been sick and pregnant and had to suffer through it. 

On another note, maybe someone out there can help me with an issue. 

I have never really had to deal with jealousy in my kids. In fact, I counted myself pretty lucky that the little bit of jealousy there was on Alex’s part when I had Nick was easily handled. And the transition for the boys when I had Zoey was almost flawless, there were some little struggles but we were able to get past them pretty quick. 

Well. That is not the case now. Not even a little bit. Poor Nick seems to have the worst case of jealousy for his little sister. Almost every time Hubs or I is holding, playing with, or doing something for Zoey, Nick becomes a disaster. And only wants the parent busy with Zoey. 

It’s so weird. I went out yesterday and bought some stickers, crafts, and stuff for us to do with the boys while the other is busy with Zoey and he is wanting more attention and it seemed to work yesterday… but I wonder if that gives the impression that I am rewarding the behavior. 

He is never mean to Zoey, in fact, he is always trying to play with her. When she is in the bouncy chair. I noticed if we put her on the floor (where she can move around to where she wants to go) he hides all his toys. I feel so bad for him. Part of me wishes he was older so I could talk to him about it. 

It makes me sad to see him struggling. But, on a happy note. This morning it is just him and I up and he is lying next to me with his head in my lap watching Tree House while I type away trying to keep myself awake until 830 when I can wake Hubs up and go back to bed. (I got up at 615 with Nick!) 

Oh! Before I forget, Miss Zoey has been saying Mama and Dada the last couple days! I don’t know which she said first. She has been saying them for a couple days and we both brushed it off as just a noise until yesterday when I realized that she only makes the sounds when the respective parent comes into the room/interacts with her. What the hell is up with her that she feels the need to grow up so fast… doesn’t she realize that she is my last baby and she is supposed to go slow and let me enjoy her?!?

I also finally finished my first big crochet project. It is a blanket for T’s Baby L. 


It’s Huge, The second picture has Zoey in it to give some perspective. 

Love, Hugs and more to come later


2 thoughts on “Oh Why.. Why… Why…

    • Thanks! I have been working on that blanket forever. Or so it seems. Since July. It took 3 months (minus the time I wasn’t working on it because I messed up my wrist) I hope so too… I can’t stand this lightheadedness!

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