Our Halloween 2013

We have been getting ready for Halloween all month! It has been a busy month full of crafts! This post is going to be mostly pictures as our Halloween was more or less uneventful. 

We spent the day watching Halloween episodes of the kids favorite shows, talking about Trick or Treating and then going to the mall to Trick or Treat. Which the kids loved. What’s not to love about walking around the mall and having random people drop candy into your bucket? 

Our word of the day was spooky. Which Alex cannot pronounce to save his life. (It comes out sounding like ‘smokey’ ‘smoked meat’ or ‘stick me’ when he tries) Nick mastered saying ‘trick or tree though! 

I also handed out candy. To all three of the kids who came to my door. (The joy of living at the end of a road, across from a school with no one living in the houses around you I guess) 

Anyway… onto the pictures! 



First off we made monsters. The initial point was to make 1 face on them… but the kids were more creative then that. Above is Nick’s. Below is Alex’s.




From there, the kids painted their pumpkins. That was a mess and most of the pumpkin was just brown from mixing the colors, but they had a great time, and that’s what matters to me!





Once the Pumpkins were painted, the kids used these plastic things to make faces. (kind of like Mr. Potato Head) The pieces were a little tough to get in but with some help they made some pretty… awesome…. faces! (the top one is Nicks, the bottom one is Alex’s) 




The next craft we did was make spooky pictures using black construction paper and white crayons. The boys thought it was pretty neat that we finally found a use for those white crayons that always seem broken! 





We also made some scary ghosts to scare Daddy with. (Daddy acted appropriately scared!)




Next we made some Jack o Lanterns. The boys painted the wooden pumpkins orange then with some help we cut out faces and glued them down and finished up the decorating with stickers and hung them up on the wall. 




Of course, this wouldn’t be much of a Halloween post without a picture of the kids in their costumes, so here it is!




And a close up of Zoey so you can see her costume a little better. We had a great October! Now we are going to slowly do some pirate crafts to decorate for Alex’s birthday and then get started on some Christmas ones! The kids are loving doing crafts and I am loving that they love it! 

Love, hugs and more to come later!


Wait… what’s the date?

Anyone else notice that October is almost over? Anyone else caught totally off guard by this? Or is just me? It could be me. 

The last couple of weeks, I have been feeling like myself again. The new birth control pills combined with the multivitamin, combined with being more active combined with a very in depth conversation with hubs have all created a more normal feeling Lynn. It’s a great feeling. I have been more productive, more hands on with the boys, a better wife. You know. Just better. Then I noticed Christmas is coming. And Bitter Lynn started showing herself again. 

It’s not that I don’t like Christmas. Quite the opposite. I absolutely love and adore Christmas. I love Christmas shopping (I already have all my lists made, and a good chunk of the shopping done, and the stuff I am making homemade is almost done too!) I love wrapping presents, I love donating whatever I can, I love the stories (ALL holiday stories.) I love decorating, I love being with family, I love the lights, the food, the ambiance of it all. I seriously LOVE Christmas. 

It’s the family part that I am struggling with. This year is going to be the second year in a row that we can’t go to Winnipeg to celebrate Christmas with my family. (It’s a $3000 trip, and we just don’t have the money after already having made two trips out this year) And for me this is really really hard for a lot of reasons. 

First off, it’s my family. My parents, brothers, aunt, uncles, grandparents, cousins etc that I won’t get to see and celebrate with. I am very close to my family and me living out here has been hard. I hate not being able to spend the holidays with them. 

Now. Staying in New Brunswick shouldn’t be that bad. Hubs family is all here. But, if you remember, they tend to pick favorites among my kids. (You can read about that here if you missed it) And I hate it. Alex’s birthday is 4 days after Christmas. He is going to be three guys! THREE!!!… Anyways. His birthday is 4 days after Christmas and last year he got some of his birthday gifts with his Christmas gifts. This pisses me right off. His birthday and Christmas are TWO DIFFERENT HOLIDAYS. But that isn’t really my point. If the people who didn’t acknowledge Nick’s first birthday are going to acknowledge Alex’s third birthday I am going to lose my mind. It’s not that I don’t want Alex to be celebrated, but I want ALL my kids to be celebrated by their family. It’s not about the birthday gifts. It’s about acknowledging your grandchild. (Or niece/nephew) Have I mentioned that none of Hubs brothers have met Zoey? Yea. Why do I want to spend the holidays with these people? Unfortunately, I have no choice but to put on a smile and pretend it’s all rainbows and butterflies. I got my way with not seeing his family at Thanksgiving and I am not even going to attempt to dissuade Hubs from seeing his family at Christmastime. It’s not like we actually see them Christmas Eve or Christmas Day anyways. They are far too busy those days for us.

I am trying not to let those feelings overpower the excitement I normally have about Christmas. After all, Alex is old enough now to REALLY GET IT and Nick is getting there. And it’s Zoey’s first Christmas! Our home is going to be full of warmth and love! And Christmas crafts!! We just did some pretty awesome Halloween ones that I am going to post tomorrow or the next day!

If you have any ideas for Preschool/Toddler friendly Christmas crafts I would LOVE to hear them! (I can’t believe I am calling Alex a preschooler!)

Love, hugs and more to come later!

The Biggest Loser – Week 1 Weigh In


Over the last week I have made a few changes to my lifestyle but nothing to drastic. My main goal is to change my lifestyle, and make changes I can stick to. As much as I love the idea of winning money for losing weight, I would rather be all around healthier and not put the weight back on by doing fad diets etc. (Not that I am saying anyone in the challenge is, it’s just something I really don’t want to do, even if doing so might mean I would lose a lot of weight fast)

What I did this week:

I have had at least 6 glasses of water a day. My goal was 10 (to compensate for my coffee intake) and some days I met that, and some days I didn’t. But everyday I had 6. (which was an improvement over the 2-4 I had been getting) I only had 2 small glasses of pop over the last week. (I used to have a glass everyday with supper)

I have also bundled the kids up for a walk every day in the last week. Except Saturday. It was raining Saturday. Every time I go into the basement for any reason, I skip rope.

And I have been eating 3 meals and 2-3 snacks everyday. But I haven’t been monitoring what I eat. Just making sure I eat. (I had pizza, McDonald’s, Doughnuts etc this week)

Next weeks changes:

When I went grocery shopping today we bought no pop, no chips, and stuck to (mostly) healthier snack and meal options. (I did buy a pizza for Thursday night as we are going to want a fast supper, and some dark chocolate covered coffee beans for a treat for me instead of raiding the Halloween candy. I can only eat 2-3 at a time, I love the coffee flavor but its too strong to eat too many of.

I am also going to do a Abs-So-Tightly Right 24 day challenge. It consists of crunches, leg lifts and the plank position.

And of course continue with last weeks changes.

My Numbers:

Last week my weight was: 169.2
This week my weight is: 166.4

For a total of 2.8 lbs lost (or 1.65%)

Go me!!

Love, Hugs and more to come later!


Peaceful Mornings

I have a lot I want to say today, but most of it has to wait until later. Right now I only have one hand to type with. Zoey is sleeping on me and the boys are both cuddled against me watching Fireman Sam. I’m tired and desperate for a coffee but they are all so comfy I just can’t bring myself to move.

/sigh/ Mommy problems!

Love, Hugs and more to come later


A Day in the Life — Thursday

Winding Road

Today was supposed to be laundry day. But it wasn’t. Not even one load made it through the washer and dryer. It was a bad day guys. BAD. And instead of laundry, it became a Momma Sanity Day. Here goes:

First off, Alex woke me up super early. Which shouldn’t have mattered. I went to bed super early last night. But it would appear I got up on the wrong side of the bed. (It could have something to do with the fact he woke me up by jumping on me but who knows)

After Alex and I got up, I got him some milk turned the TV on and blogged. It was too early for breakfast and no one else was up so I wanted him to be quiet. It didn’t matter. 10 minutes later Nick was up too. I figured oh well. Got Nick milk, and got them some fruit and waffles for breakfast. (I had fruit) and finished writing.

At this point, this happens:
Alex and Nick are watching the school buses out the front window. Alex kicks Nick in the face. Being me, I assume it was unintentional and remind him to be careful with his feet. He doe it again. So I pick him up off the couch and tell him that we don’t kick people, it’s not nice blah blah blah. The reply ‘Please Momma, I kick Nick in the face?’ ‘No. No you may not kick Nick in the face. That hurts him.’ ‘MOOOOOOM, PLEEEEEEAAAASSSSSSEEEE kick Nick in the face’

Then Zoey wakes up. I get up and give her her morning bottle. (It’s only 7am. Hubs asked to sleep until 8) While I am feeding Zoey, Alex asks for a cookie. I say no. Because it’s early. And he hasn’t finished his breakfast. He says ‘please mommy’ I reply with another no. Then what do I get? ‘Mom, get me a cookie NOW’
My mood is only going downhill.

At 8 I wake Hubs up and I tell myself I should start the laundry. Instead I have a coffee and venting session with him. Then I check my email. Hubs pay stub is in there. Saying we owe the military almost $800. (Thankfully this was a clerical error and his pay is fine, he got it sorted out when he called his pay clerk.) I lost my mind. I cried. I yelled. He fixed it. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my husband? Because I do. I really really do.

At about 1130 we give the kids lunch and all three of them go down for naps. I was losing my mind. They were fighting, whining, crying, hitting, and being monsters. And I don’t mean monsters in the endearing way I normally do.

Alex lied down for an hour and a half. He didn’t sleep. But he was a happier person when he woke up. Nick slept for 2 hours. And Zoey slept for 3.

When everyone was awake and happy, we took the kids for a nice brisk hour long walk to get some fresh air before supper. Then we had supper (I made some amazing Honey glazed pork chops for the first time ever! They were delicious!) and went through the bedtime routine.

Now, Hubs is back to trying to fix his computer. And I am going to watch some TV. I feel like I should do the laundry. But tomorrow is another day!

On a good note though, we gave Alex peaches today. (He had a mild reaction to them the first time he had them and the Dr advised us to reintroduce them every 6 months. It’s been almost a year since the last time he had them) And NO REACTION!!! YAY for outgrowing an allergy!!!

Love, hugs and more to come later!


A Day in The Life – Wednesday

Winding Road

It’s actually Thursday morning right now. But I am going to write about yesterday because I went to bed with a headache before I had the chance to blog.

Wednesday mornings I get up with the monsters while Hubs sleeps in. Yesterday he got to sleep in because he was up for an hour with the kids. First Zoey was up and then the boys decided to be awake for a bit.

While the kids had their breakfast (and I had mine) I caught up on some reading. Once Hubs was up, him and I had a coffee together. Then he needed to try and fix his laptop (again) because the mouse pad stopped working. Turns out he is going to need a whole new computer. Glad it’s not even a year old, and I just spent 100$ on a new screen for it. Anyways. That’s not the point of this blog. While he was fixing his computer the kids and I looked at the toy catalogs so I could see what intrigued them. Turns out, it was trains. Surprise surprise.

When Hubs was done with his computer he made us some lunch. After lunch Nick napped, Zoey fought her nap and Alex had a rest. Then we went to the store for some more apple juice and a skipping rope.

I am going to have to go into town for a skipping rope though. They aren’t in season and I can’t get them here right now. But I am not going into town until Tuesday, so until then I have been running up and down the stairs as exercise.

When we got back from the store the kids and I played (you guessed it) trains. Then I made some supper and we got the kids bundled up to go for a walk. While we were out for a walk, I chased the kids around the field across the street for awhile. Whew! Then we came home, watched the Bubble Guppies and went through our bedtime routine.

By this point I had a nasty headache. It had been slowly creeping up on me all day. But I didn’t want to go to bed because I still had to do my diaper laundry (I guess I’ve left this out all week, but once the kids are in bed I have to do the diaper laundry as we cloth diaper our kids) Hubs assured me he would deal with it and I was in bed at 730. And I slept until 6 this morning when Alex decided to get up. I am feeling pretty good this morning. I guess we’ll see how productive today is, it’s laundry day!

Thanks again to Kerry over at A Winding Road for starting this! I am having fun with it. I strongly encourage everyone to go check out her blog! I love it!

Love, hugs and more to come later!