It’s not fair!


Conversations with Alex are getting more and more humorous and I am seriously having more and more trouble following them. Like this one from tonight at supper time. We are sitting at the table eating the pork chops, mashed potatoes and corn that I made for supper. Well all of us were except Alex. 

M: Alex, why aren’t you eating?
A: It’s not fair
M: What’s not fair?
Alex pushes his plate away
M: You need to eat, that’s how you get energy to play.
A: No. *crosses arms* It’s not fair. 
M: Um.. okay. If you aren’t hungry don’t eat then. 
A: Yes! 
M: Okay, then eat. 
A: No. 
At this point I am choosing to ignore him. Hubs gets him to eat a couple bites, then he starts refusing again.
M: Alex are you done eating?
A: Yes. 
M: Would you like to leave the table?
A: No. 
M: Okay. 
Alex starts throwing his food on the floor. 
H: Alex, stop throwing your food on the floor or you are going to leave the table. 

Well… clever boy we have, he threw it across the table. So, of course, he was sent away from the table. He was obviously not going to eat anymore anyways. He went and sat on the couch crying. After two minutes I went over to him to talk to him about why we don’t throw our food, it’s not nice etc. I tell him he needs to say sorry to Momma and Daddy. He does, then he crosses his and tells me again ‘It’s not fair’ I tried to find out what wasn’t fair but he wouldn’t look at me, just kept telling me it wasn’t fair. Then asked if he could watch Dora. This child is so confusing sometimes. 

Right now he is asleep in my bed. He was sleeping in his bed. But like the last two nights, he needed to move into my bed so the dinosaurs couldn’t get him. I wonder how safe Nick is, left in their bedroom all alone?

Love, hugs and more to come later!

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