Did you plan this?!?

Tonight I cooked up the kids favorite foods for supper. I had some mommy guilt because I have been so busy with my fall cleaning (kind of like spring cleaning, but in the fall so I can go through clothes before fall/winter and toys before Christmas) the last three years I have had a newborn or been super pregnant in the spring so I have started the habit of doing it in the fall instead. 

So anyways… I make them their favorite (healthy) supper. I make some pork chops in a mushroom sauce, rice, and broccoli (Alex’s favorite veggie) and carrots (Nick’s favorite) thinking they would love it. 

Well. They showed me. They both ate the rice. And asked for more rice. And more after that. But (and this was almost simultaneously) they both put a piece of pork in their mouths, spit it out and told me it was icky. Same with the veggies. 

What the hell guys. Seriously. I took extra time tonight to make you guys a nice supper with your favorite foods even though I was exhausted and sore and this is the reaction I get. (I didn’t say this. I thought it. But I knew I shouldn’t say it. They can smell when I am frustrated.)

So I said to Alex: ‘You like broccoli. You were asking for it yesterday.’ (We had pancakes for supper yesterday, and when I asked him what kind of fruit he wanted, he said broccoli) 

His reply: ‘No Momma. Bwakey yucky’ 

I quit. 


Love, hugs, and more to come later


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