The Return of the Dance Party – Featuring Drums

You might remember a couple months ago when I wrote a post about Alex waking up at midnight and wanting to have a dance party. If not, you can read about it here

Well last night, Alex did not want to go to bed. At all. We put him to bed at 730 and he sat in his room and played. At 10, I wanted to go to bed. As soon as Alex heard me upstairs he was in my room and asking if he could come cuddle with Momma. I figured, sure why not. Maybe he’ll actually go to bed and we can all sleep tonight. You can all laugh at me here. It was a dumb dumb idea. I should’ve left him in his bed. He might have gone to sleep. Instead, the conversation went like this: 

Me: Goodnight Alex

A: Goodnight Momma.

Hubs: Goodnight Alex

A: Good night Daddy. (it’s quiet for a few minutes) Mom… are you sleeping? (I don’t answer. I know hope if I ignore him he’ll go to sleep.) Momma? Mom? Mommy? /sigh/ Daddy awake? (I guess hubs was working on the same theory I was) /sigh/ /Sigh/ /SIGH/ /SIGH/ (each time he sighed, it was more dramatic than the time before. Finally I couldn’t help it, I laughed) Momma! You’re awake!

M: No Alex. Momma is tired. I want to go to sleep. 

A: Alex sit. 

M: okay. Sit. Stay awake all night. Just let me sleep. 

A: Alex stay awake. Alex needs his drums. Be right back.

H: No Alex. No drums. 

A: Oh. Dance Party. 

H: Alex, be quiet. Mommy and Daddy are sleeping. 

A: *whispers* Alex play the drums. Dance Party. *yells* OH I KNOW!!! 

M: shh!

A: Oh sorry. Alex stay awake. Dance party. Alex watch the Lorax. Mom? wake up mom. Alex wants to go to sleep. Mom? Alex go to sleep? (I want to say, I was biting my tongue at this point, trying not to laugh at him) Alex lie down backwards. (He put his head near our feet) Mom look Alex backwards. /sigh/ Okay. Daddy? Wake up? Alex backwards. Look Daddy. 

H: Alex. Mom is sleeping. You need to be quiet. 

A: Oh. Okay. Sorry Mom. 

At this point he sat up and starting patting my face to make sure I was asleep I guess. When I succeeding in not moving or giggling, he kissed my head and whispered ‘night night momma’ I wish I could say that he then lied down and went to sleep. But he didn’t. He got louder and louder until I finally threatened to put him back into his bed. Then he went to sleep. 

Love, hugs and more to come later!


3 thoughts on “The Return of the Dance Party – Featuring Drums

    • Lol! I part time co sleep. Which is why I let him into my bed last night. I stopped offering it to them, but if they ask (or are having a rough night) I bring them into my bed. Usually they go right to sleep once I say it’s time for bed. Last night was the on purpose sighs, talking, laughing, squirmy version of Alex. I also ended up with Nick in our bed at about 2am and Zoey at about 4am. It was a little crowded. Hubs left us around 410 and went to Alex’s bed ha ha

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