Supporting T – Eszter’s Guest post

Today’s guest post comes from Eszter over atkukolina. Eszter is mom to a 7 month old little boy. She has lived in 5 different countries and she is currently living in a 5 star hotel that her husband manages on an island in Thailand. Her post covers how great she thinks breastfeeding is, and shows what a positive experience she has had with it. Enjoy 🙂 

Love, hugs and more to come  later!



I Love Breastfeeding So Much
There are things in my life I am proud of.
Like getting married (I did not have a boyfriend for a long time).
Like getting pregnant ( we had IUI 10 times).
And breastfeeding!

I heard and read that breastfeeding has its challenges but in my opinion its important to remember one thing:
You can make it work if you do not give up. 

I needed lots of help in the hospital with the positions but I had a mouth I asked for help as many time as I needed it.

At home we had the crib next to our bed. We switched to co-sleeping only later on. If I could turn back time I would start co-sleeping immediately. It makes nursing much easier.

Plugged milk ducts happened to me three times at least. Massage, warm and wet towels help a lot. And patience. It always got better in a few days. It did make breastfeeding less nice but there are things you do not stop doing just because obstacles turn up.

I had a fever when my baby was one month old. I was pretty sick and my husband went to the pharmacy as it was necessary. It was the only time I took medicine and only the type that was alright with breastfeeding. Being sick makes everything a pain in the … But guess who did not become ill even after my husband became sick from the virus that was going around?! Breastfeeding is the best shield for your child.

Our son had to fly on an airplane 7 times. Breastfeeding does its wonders at times like these as well.

I have a happy, healthy 7 months old son. He is being exclusively breastfed. Without doubt, breastfeeding is one of my best decisions I have made. I love it!

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