Heeeeeeelp meeeeee pleeeeeaaasseeee!!!!



I really hope one of my awesome readers can help me. Please please please. You might recall yesterday I mentioned that we are going to start potty training Alex today. Well we started! It started off bad, when I suggested him taking off his diaper and using the potty he had a melt down. So I backed off. A few hours later he WANTED to wear his big boy underwear! yay! I was super happy. So we got him all decked out in his new Cars undies. Then he peed on the floor. Oh big deal, I moved him onto his potty, and explained (for the hundred millionth time) that we have to pee on the potty, not on the floor. Had him help clean up his mess, and put clean undies on. 

Then he peed on the floor again. Went through the same routine. He seemed to get it. He told me he needed to pee on the potty, not the floor. 

Then 2 minutes later (literally TWO EFFING MINUTES) I walked back into the living room to find him squatted on the floor WATCHING himself pee. As soon as he seen me he bolted to his potty. But he was already done. Again we cleaned up and talked about it. Then a did a mommy bad and put him in a diaper. I probably shouldn’t have. But he asked for it and I could tell he was getting upset about the accidents. I don’t want to discourage him from potty training by making him feel bad about accidents… but obviously being as positive as I have been (accident’s happen, it’s okay, let’s clean it up etc) isn’t getting the point across that he NEEDS to pee on the potty and not on my floor. 

Anyone have any tips? 

Love, hugs and more to come later!


9 thoughts on “Heeeeeeelp meeeeee pleeeeeaaasseeee!!!!

  1. You know what.. The fact that he was watching himself pee to me is a successful day..As frustrating as it is.. he was learning to associate the sensation with the act.. With diapers he doesn’t really get to see it..
    I also learned.. making them help clean up the mess shows them that they are responsible for the accident.. I would wipe up the area, then have my son/daughter spray a cleaning solution down and wipe it up (then secretly go back and clean it better lol) My son hated having to do it so he caught on a lot quicker about it. Both my kids were potty trained about the house by 20 months.. so not to brag but my advice is solid 😉

    • Thanks. You’re right, the fact he was watching himself is a success. I feel a lot better after thinking of it that way! I’ll keep at it with him and hope tomorrow is a better day! 🙂

  2. It’s still warm enough, if you’ve got a sheltered backyard, to let him wander around watching himself pee until he gets it. Then move on to indoor usage of a toilet, targeting floating cheerios.

  3. That was a milestone right there! 🙂 Good job little one!
    What I did with my 2 kids was remove the diaper the moment they wake up in the morning and let them wear underwear, if they make a fuss about it, they go commando. I also make a big fuss when I need to pee. I say ” I need to pee, I’m going to the bathroom” and let them follow me and watch me in the bathroom, after several days of seeing this, they will try to imitate you, just place the potty right outside the bathroom door. Just make sure the bathroom door is closed all the time. I also don’t mind accidents though it can be frustrating I have to admit.

  4. I recommend “The no-cry potty training solution” by Elizabeth Pantly. I also recommend not comparing your son to other children, some “get it” at 12 months…some at 36. Doesn’t make him better or worse. If you see he is not ready and it causes anxiety (you or him) just go back to nappies and try in a few months. Staying dry is a natural desire unless it becomes a power battle (just like the desire to eat/sleep..which we tend to tamper with, with our “expectations”). Trust your son. 😉

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