Random Updates

My wrist isn’t broken! Yay! It’s just badly sprained. And still hurts like crazy. But at least now I know what is wrong with it and the steps to take to make it better! 

This post is likely going to be short. But I wanted to post some random updates on some random stuff. 


Nick has been switched to Almond milk. We are going to wait a couple weeks and try to reintroduce soy to him. And if we are successful we are going to talk about milk. 

Zoey is three months old. She weighs 15 lbs and 5 oz and is 25 inches long. 

Tomorrow we are starting the 3 days to potty training with Alex. I’m nervous. There will be a post on that once we are done. 

I am failing miserably at the Orange Rhino challenge. I have felt off for the last couple days and have no patience. I have a lot of guilt about that. There will be a post on that when I can type with a little less pain. 

I have ordered all my cloth diapers/inserts etc and I am just waiting for them all to come in so I can start my cloth diapering journey. I am excited to get started and start saving some money!

I have started planning Christmas gifts and budgets for the kids. I am also starting to plan Halloween costumes. Alex and I were looking at them online. I was going to dress him and Nick as pirates and Zoey as a parrot. Alex seen a princess one, and wants to dress up as a princess for Halloween. I support him, and would let him, but part of me hopes he changes his mind when it comes time to actually shop for them. 

I guess that’s it. It’s almost midnight. I need to go to bed!

Oh! And I ordered these for the kids: (I could’ve made them, but with my wrist, I wasn’t sure I would be able to before Fall!) (Not the diaper covers, just the hats!)



Love, hugs and more to come later!


9 thoughts on “Random Updates

  1. Love the hats! Glad to hear that your wrist isn’t broken – but a sprain is sometimes worse. But, as you say, at least you know what’s up. Do you have a like to the site where you bought the hats; I’m looking for a new winter hat for the little one as he’ll assuredly have outgrown his other one.

  2. Cuuuuuuute! Love those hats! Good luck with the potty training. Why are you wanting to get Nick onto soy? Just curious. Apparently it is really common that kids with dairy intolerance can have a soy intolerance. Plus there are lots of other questionable stuff about soy out there so we just avoid it. I say questionable as I’m not sure how solid it all is and I’m no scientist. I’ve basically just heard all the rumours although our Dr did recommend we avoid it as it is a gamble.. We use oat milk at our place (not sure you have that there) and love it. We also use some protein enriched rice milk and almond milk. All of those are suitable substitutes. Good luck!

    • Our Dr wants us to try introducing soy slowly to see how/when he outgrows the intolerance/allergy. I have been drinking soy my whole life for a milk allergy. I did ask my Dr about the rumors around soy and he said it’s what the Canadian Academy of pediatrics recommends as a next step for toddlers as there are more of the fats and stuff in it then in Almond or rice milk. I have never seen or heard of oat milk though, so I am not sure if it’s available here. I’ll have to look into it and compare it. Goats milk was also suggested to us, but the Dr said no as most kids who can’t tolerate Cow milk also can’t tolerate Goat and its hard to come by where we live so it wasn’t worth the hassle. Thanks for the information though! I’ll look a little harder into Oat milk!

      • Yeah we had the issue with Goats milk. It’s because my son’s intolerance is to do with the A1 protein as opposed to lactose. Of course you should do whatever your Dr wants you to do re soy. Our Dr made the comment about more soy intolerances these days so I just thought I’d pass the info on. I’m by no means an expert! Good luck! Oh and PS Monkey does have a bit of dairy if it is in stuff from time to time without adverse effect but we still stay away from it most of the time as too much and the eczema comes back. So it can get better and easier. 🙂

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