The secret to potty training??

I think I might have found the secret code to potty training Alex. I also think it might backfire on me. 


Yesterday Alex was playing with the Thomas backpack that came with his tricycle. I was in the kitchen cooking supper. The conversation went like this:

A: Momma

M: what’s up Bud?

A: Alex go to school? Look, backpack

M: Sorry Bud. You can’t go to school.

A: Please Momma? Alex go to school! On the school bus!

M: (thinking: ‘oh hell no you aren’t, you’re still a baby’ then a lightbulb goes off…) You can’t go to school yet Alex. You have to pee on the potty before you go to school. They won’t let you go if you are still wearing diapers. 

A: quiet for a minute then ‘Momma… take Alex diaper off. Pee in potty now.’

He then sat on his potty until supper time when I put a pull up on him until we were done eating. He didn’t use it, and went back to the potty after. (and used the potty!)

This morning he is wearing his backpack and we are using the same thing to encourage him. Now I wonder what I am going to do when he is potty trained and wants to go to school! 😦 

Love, hugs and more to come later!


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