The Orange Rhino ~ An Update

So, before I started getting ready to drive halfway across the country and then did the drive, I was keeping a daily log of how I was doing with the Orange Rhino Challenge.

Sadly, I stopped tracking it so I really don’t even know what my numbers might have been… According to my daily log that I was keeping, I made it to 4 days without yelling/snapping etc. Which is pretty good. I also know that I have been snapping less than I was before, and my kids seem to listen to me the first time I say something to them a little more often. 

I am going to re start my daily log now that I am home and getting settled and I am going to make a go at this. This month we are going to try and make a go of potty training and taking the pacifier away from Nick, so we will see how it all goes! 

I am going to start my daily logs tonight and post every Saturday with my weekly accomplishments and daily logs!

Love, hugs and more to come later! 

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