All About Alex

I have decided that I want to document everything I remember about my pregnancies and labors. Obviously since I had three of them I am going to do it in three posts.  I want to do this while most of the memories are still fresh(ish) in my mind. I hope two things come from these posts. 1- I hope it serves as something the kids can look back on. And 2- I hope mom’s can read this and see how different every labor can be, so having a bad experience doesn’t make them extremely anxious about going through the process again. This is part one. All About Alex.


On April 21st, 2010 I found out I was pregnant. Hubs and I were excited and shocked that we were already pregnant! We were so anxious to find out if we were going to be having a boy or a girl! Who the baby would be like, who he would look like. Our due date was December 25th. I couldn’t think of a better Christmas present.

The first trimester was ridden with morning sickness that was sometimes so bad I couldn’t even hold down water. Some smells set me off so so badly. Thankfully my Dr prescribed me some amazing pills (dicletic) that got rid of the morning sickness and nausea for me. After about week 12, I stopped taking them and the morning sickness had gone away.

Throughout my pregnancy I suffered from extreme hip pain as a result of a fracture that I got when I was 17. It hadn’t healed properly and being pregnant refractured it. NOT FUN. At all. By the time I was 18 weeks pregnant I was put on sick leave and couldn’t work anymore. Unfortunately I was short a few hours to qualify for Employment Insurance, and we suffered an income loss. We weren’t too stressed about it. We planned out how we were going to afford the baby, and second hand stuff is always great!!

Our ultrasound was scheduled for August 10. We were so excited! I was sure the baby was a boy, and we had already picked out our names. If we were having a boy it would be Alexander Mychael and a girl would be Madison Ann-Marie. Alexander is a family name on my husbands side, Mychael is the name of the person who introduced my husband and I, and Ann-Marie is from my mom’s name.

When August 10 finally rolled around, we were ecstatic to find out we were indeed going to be welcoming a little boy into our lives!


ignore the timestamp on this picture. my camera liked to reset anytime I changed the batteries.

August rolled into September, and things were progressing normally. Alex’s heartbeat was constantly around 160 bpm and he moved around like crazy. Except one day in September, he wasn’t moving around. At all. I panicked (as any mom would) and called the labor and delivery unit. I was advised that I should eat something sweet, drink some juice and lie on my left side for an hour. And call them back if I hadn’t felt any movement. I did this. And still felt nothing. I went into the Labor and Delivery unit at the hospital and was hooked up to the monitor. Of course, as soon as I was, he moved around like crazy, and thank God, was perfectly fine.

September slipped into October and then into November and then finally it was December. My pregnancy had been progressing normally and we spent December walking, trying anything and everything we could to get labor going.

On December 28th at 3am I woke up with stomach pains. I honestly thought I was constipated. I went to the washroom. After a little while I realized that the pains seemed pretty evenly spaced. So I went back to bed and started timing them. They were 10 minutes apart. And then 8. And then 5. At 5 mins apart (about 530) I woke my husband up. He was up and dressed before I even threw back the covers. He was ready to rush to the hospital right then. But I was confident I had time to spare. I wanted breakfast. And to take the Christmas tree down. Once that was all done, Hubs and I argued over whether 6am was too early to vacuum. (We lived in an apartment, so I guess it was) We called our parents, I repacked and we headed down to the car. Of course there was a TON of snow. And it was still storming out. At 730am we arrived at the hospital. (a normal 20 minute drive took over an hour) My contractions were about 4 minutes apart and slowly getting stronger.

At noon I had my water broken. At 5 pitocin was started. My contractions were not staying regular and they were not getting stronger. It was obvious my body needed some help. At 7pm they started administering drugs. This is where things start getting a little foggy for me. I was given fentanyl, and the nurse was administering it too often (I didn’t find this out until much much later) At the time I thought it was normal. There are parts of my labor and delivery that are blank. Around 8 or so I got an epidural. At 915pm the nurse checked me and told me that I would be ready to start pushing when she was back from her break as I was 9.5 cm. When she came back from her break at 945 pm she had me start pushing. She did not check me again. At midnight,  after I had been pushing for over 2 hours, the Dr came in to check me. I wasn’t fully thinned out or dilated. Nothing had happened since she last checked me. Except that I was exhausted. And the Dr realized that the baby’s head seemed twisted and stuck. He wanted me prepped for a C Section.

I didn’t want a C section. At all. It scared me. I wanted to do it myself. I was given papers to sign my consent (I don’t remember signing them) and I was prepped for C section. I was rolled into the OR and the anesthesiologist who had heard me repeatedly state that I didn’t want a C section, told the nurse that instead of wasting the contractions, I should push through them and maybe avoid the C section. (I didn’t know it then, but she knew if I could get the baby down far enough a C section would no longer be an option, and she knew the only reason I was being prepped for a C section was that my blood pressure was sky rocketing and they were worried about me laboring for much longer, they weren’t concerned about the baby, he was perfect)

So I pushed. And pushed and pushed some more. After pushing for 4.5 hours, an episiotomy and a forcep assisted birth, Alex was born on December 29, 2010 at 2:14 am. He had the cord around his neck 3 times. But he was a perfect 7 lbs 13 oz and 21 3/4 inches long.


After I had Alex I had a really bad bladder infection from the prolonged catheter use that was made necessary because I couldn’t pee on my own until 3 days after I had him. (Which was attributed to the swelling from the episiotomy) On January 1, 2011 I finally got to leave the hospital and bring my baby boy home.

Unfortunately, I didn’t heal properly from the episiotomy, but I didn’t know this until my 6 week check up. I thought the extreme pain was normal. Turns out that I had a really painful skin tag that needed to be burned off, By the time Alex was 8 weeks old, I felt normal again though. 🙂

That concludes Alex’s pregnancy/birth story. Nick and Zoey’s are coming soon!

Love, hugs, and more to come later!


8 thoughts on “All About Alex

      • I honestly credit that to the anesthesiologist. My husband told me that she was the one who was holding my shoulders up and helping me bear down. (I was frozen and prepped for a section) while the nurses held my legs. I got very lucky.

  1. Such suspense! That nurse who didn’t check you again before having you push for two hours should be slapped. That anesthesiologist who encouraged you to push should be given an award! Looking forward to hearing more 🙂

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