Why you shouldn’t put your cell phone in your bra

I learned a very valuable lesson today. In fact, potentially it could’ve saved me lots and lots of money. 

I have a habit of putting my cell phone in my bra. I put it there because it is easy to get to it. When it vibrates, I can grab it even if I have kids on my lap and what not. Regardless of what I am doing it’s easy to get to it, and I don’t miss it when it vibrates. So I stick it there. Especially when I am waiting for a text from someone. 

So tonight, I had my phone there while I was waiting for my brother to text me to get a ride home from his girlfriend’s house. I made supper with it there. I ate, and then I got ready to bathe the boys. I’m sure you all know where this is going. 

I turn on the bathtub, and turn around and get the kids undressed. I pick Nick up to put him in the tub, and along with him, plop goes my cellphone. SH*T!!

I get my phone out as fast as I can, I wrap it in a towel for the time being and get Alex in the tub. Once both the kids were in, I took my phone apart, it didn’t seem to wet, so I put it back together. It turned on. Yay me! 

So… I put it back in my bra. Ha ha. Sometimes I am a little slow. 

About an hour later I pull out my phone to see why my brother hasn’t texted me.. it’s off. I guess there was more water in it then I thought. So now it’s apart and in rice. Here’s hoping it turns back on tomorrow. I guess I need a new place to put my phone… maybe in my pocket?

Love, hugs, and more to come later!


17 thoughts on “Why you shouldn’t put your cell phone in your bra

    • I read that too. I was going to include that in here as well, but like you I didn’t understand it so I chose not to. I also didn’t listen to it. I still put it there. I’m hoping to get it going. I guess we’ll see what happens tomorrow!

      • I’m bad about putting mine in the waistband of my skirts and pocketless pants. I’m sure next week they’ll have a study about it giving you mutant ovaries…

      • I’m a chewy granola mom. I’m not all natural enough to be ‘crunchy’. I cloth diaper and make my own cleaners, but I will gladly dump chemicals on my head to cover up the few gray hairs my kids are giving me. Ha.

      • Ha ha! This honestly made me laugh out loud. I admire that you are able to cloth diaper! I can’t imagine the time that would take!

      • It really isn’t too bad. I loathe taking out garbage and how stinky the old garbage pail used to get. I’m always doing laundry anyway. So every couple days I throw them in. You do a pre- rinse, a wash, and an extra rinse. Then you either hang dry or toss them in on low heat. So much cheaper! I love that I don’t have to worry about running out. We use flushable liners for poop. So it just gets dumped in the toilet. If one is bad I make my husband spray it off outside when he gets home. I definitely know they aren’t for everyone though. I didn’t switch until a few months ago. So I’m doing it with E (22 months) and planning on using them when baby gets here.

      • That intrigues me. I am tempted to give it a shot. How expensive is it to get started? With 3 in diapers right now I wouldn’t mind saving some money, even if I only did it part time.

      • We just budgeted a bit out of each pay check and slowly transitioned. I started with prefolds and covers (cheapest option) and eventually bought pockets. So we used less and less disposables until I had enough to go every couple days between washes. I’m still building a newborn stash for when baby gets here. Most of our stuff is one sized and adjustable, but it can take a couple months for newborns to fit. Flour sack towels (near dish towels) at Walmart/Target can be boiled and used with covers too. They are crazy cheap. 5 for $5 usually.

  1. lol noooooooooooooooo. That’s so something I would do! I was thinking sweat might have been the problem when I first started to read this. I always tuck mine in that spot when I go for a run but then swiftly take it out again to instead be held in my sweat covered hand. I’m never sure which is the best option!

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