In the Glove Box

My husband in one in a million. I am not saying this in the ‘my husband is so amazing, I am so lucky to have him’ kind of way. Even though all those things are true. My husband is one in a million in the way that I am pretty sure there is no one out there who is quite as… talented… as him.

Today I decided that I was going to go through all the papers in the glove box while we were waiting for my brother to get off work. We have only had the van for about 4 months and I was surprised at the amount of stuff in there. (I have a habit of throwing receipts, toys, and other miscellaneous crap in there.) While going through it I found an envelope with my husbands name on it. So I opened it to see what was inside. (Yea yea we can get into the whole privacy thing later) Inside was a cheque. For $300. WTF. I have been pinching pennies for the last week so we can afford our trip back east, and there has been $300 SITTING IN THE VAN. THIS WHOLE TIME. 


As you may recall, back in Feb/Mar the boys and I came out to Winnipeg to spend some time with my family. Hubs stayed back in NB and while we were gone upgraded the car to a minivan. 

Well… when he traded in the car, the loan date landed 2 days after our car payment. The loan covered that car payment so the dealership needed to reimburse him the payment. (Otherwise they were charging him twice blah blah blah) Turns out that instead of putting the cheque in the bank (the way most people might have) my awesome husband threw it in the glove box and forgot about it. I have never laughed so hard.

All of a sudden the change I find in the couch doesn’t seem so exciting. Where do you tend to find money? What’s the most amount you have ever found somewhere?

Love, hugs and more to come later



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