No Yelling for a Year-The Orange Rhino

If you have never heard of the Orange Rhino Challenge, you can read about it here. Essentially what it is, is a pledge to not yell/raise your voice for as many days as you would like to challenge yourself. The woman who wrote this particular blog challenged herself to go a year, and is now into her second year being yell free.

First off, I would like to say that overall I am not one to do a lot of yelling. But I came across this challenge a couple days ago and decided that I want to give it a try. When I was reading through the blog that explains what the challenge is all about, it listed the 7 levels of yelling. While I don’t really yell at the kids, I am guilty of snapping at them, and I always feel guilty for it. So I want to stop.

The Orange Rhino Challenge spoke to me. I knew before I stumbled across it that I hated snapping for what seemed like no reason. I knew that I wanted to stop doing it. But I didn’t know how. After reading some of the posts on The Orange Rhino website, I now know that I am only human. I make mistakes. But I can take steps to make myself a better person. I can teach my kids better ways of communicating, by being a better communicator with them.

One of the tips on starting the challenge is to make it official, so that you are held accountable to actually go through with it. So this is my official announcement that starting today, I am not going to yell or snap at my children or my husband. (or anyone else for that matter) for 365 days. I am going to update every Sunday with my progress on this challenge. I’m sure there are going to be times I do raise my voice or snap at my family and need to reset my counter, but this is me taking the first step in becoming a better mom and a better person.

Love, hugs and more to come later!


5 thoughts on “No Yelling for a Year-The Orange Rhino

  1. I love both this challenge & her descriptions of the voice levels. I’ve done Level 5 more times than I am proud of. Good luck with this challenge!

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