I guess I’m a bad Mom. Also I know where the dance party came from.

This evening I was cruising through Facebook checking things out and I learned 2 things. First I learned I am a bad mom. And the I learned where Alex came up with the dance party he wanted to have last night. (If you missed that, you can read it here) The two are related. 

First off, every night when I put the kids to bed, the routine goes something like this diaper changes, stories and cuddles, and then I lie them down in their respective beds and turn on their TV and DVD player and let them watch their movie until they fall asleep. (Normally this takes all of 10 minutes) Apparently this makes me a bad Mom. Good moms don’t let their kids watch TV while they are going to bed. Good moms don’t even put TV’s in their kids bedrooms. In fact, good moms turn off all sources of electronics at least 1 hr before their kids go to bed so that they fall asleep faster and sleep through the night better. But wait. My kids used to take upwards of 2 hours to fall asleep before I put their TV in their room. AND my kids would wake up numerous times a night. (they might still wake up, but if they do they aren’t up for long and they don’t wake me up) 

Honestly, if it means I can sleep and my kids are sleeping better, I can deal with being a bad Mom. It’s perfectly okay with me. 

Oh yea, and the dance party thing. Lately at bedtime and naptime the boys have been watching Shrek. Turns out that when Alex lies down in the afternoon, he wakes up as the credits are rolling. At the end of the credits is Shrek and Fiona’s Karaoke Dance Party. I learned this today when I heard him moving around and went into the bedroom before he came out on his own. He was bouncing on the bed and as soon as I walked in he excitedly told me he was having a dance party with Shrek and the Princess.  

What do you think? Is making the choices that get you labelled as a ‘bad mom’ worth it when it works for you and your family? 

Love, hugs and more to come later



9 thoughts on “I guess I’m a bad Mom. Also I know where the dance party came from.

  1. No it doesn’t make you a bad mom! I feed my 2 year old whatever she wants so she doesn’t have an epic meltdown while grocery shopping.. Pretty sure someone called me a “bad mom”. Oh well! It works for you and your family and anyone that has a problem with it can shove it lol The mommy wars are exhausting and for me personally I need to remember that not everyone who posts on fb about their toddler eating all their vegetables is perfect. But that I am perfect for my kids. And that’s all that matters IMO!

    • It is all that matters! You were picked for your kids for a reason! I am pretty sure that most of the people who post to Facebook about how perfect their kids are all the time are bsing anyways!

  2. I think it is only considered bad as it is thought to effect sleep and that is clearly not the case for your kids. So I say do what works! The best type of mummy is Flexible Mummy. She does what works best for her family BUT is happy and ready to adjust things later if they don’t work anymore. hehe the dance party thing is pretty cute!

    • The article that was posted had said it was bad for those reasons as well. But when I commented on it (bad idea!) that my kids watched tv and it helped them sleep, I was attacked for it and was told “Parents who turn the TV on to put their kids to bed and claim it helps them sleep, are lying to themselves and just using the TV as a babysitter to put their kids to bed so they don’t have to deal with them anymore” Flexible Momma is the best type of Mom out there though! All kids are different and more people need to realize that instead of lumping all kids into the average!

  3. Always do whatever works best for your family! People are always so quick to judge but mama intuition knows best…and we do just about anything to get our kids to sleep! Loss of it is a form of torture after all 🙂

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