On the road again… soon

It’s that time again. Getting ready to load the kids up in the van and head back out west to visit my family. People think I am insane for choosing to load the 3 kids up to drive 40 hours over 3 days. But, to be honest, I would rather drive across then fly.
When we drive, it’s easy, I can make a list of all the things I need to have in the van and I don’t need to worry about baggage limits, take off times, delays, etc. We can stop when we need to stop, go when the kids are good to go. No time limits. I can pack up toys, snacks, drinks, and a dvd player and we go. When the kids get restless, we pull into a rest stop, pull a ball out and let them run around. And, the best part, if I forget something, I can pull into a store and get whatever it is I need! There are gas stations and Wal-marts everywhere! It’s great.
We try to be smart and do lots of driving early in the morning when the kids are still asleep. The plan is to start driving after Zoey’s 3 am feeding, and go until 8 or so when the boys are ready for breakfast. Then we can go until whenever the kids need to run around a bit. Sometimes this is every hour. Sometimes we can get 2-4 hours out of them before we need to stop. We don’t stress. Who cares if it takes an extra day or two. We’ll get there. No sense stressing and rushing. I enjoy the drive when it’s done at our own pace.
People also seem to think it’s more expensive to drive then to fly. But, right now, for us, it’s the same cost to drive as it is to fly. (2 hotel rooms, gas for the van, and 3 meals a day, not that we eat out every meal + extra money just in case) Soon, when I need to start paying for Nick to fly (and then Zoey) the drive will be almost half the cost of flying! (Flying is EXPENSIVE!)
A week from today we’ll be heading out. I am looking forward to the drive. I made a list of all the lists I need to make. And I started making those lists. (what to pack for the drive, for while we are in Winnipeg, what toys we should bring, what we need to buy, etc etc etc) The lists *might* seem a little… excessive (that’s the word Hubs uses, I prefer words like productive and useful) but, it helps my anxiety and that’s what matters to us.
I’m not sure I am going to get another post in before we head out, or how much I’ll be posting while I am out west, but I shall try and get on here at least a few times! Summer is here!

Love, hugs and more to come later


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