I JUST WANT MY COFFEE… preferably while it’s still hot!

This morning I just needed coffee. Zoey had me up at 530 for a feeding, decided to stay up for about an hour and wouldn’t you know it, the boys woke up just after I put her in her bed and lied down to go back to sleep. Ah the life of a Momma of 3 young ones. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could just drink my coffee. (Which I am doing now as I type, but it’s rather cold already)

Usually I can make the boys their breakfast, sit them at the table and I can make my coffee and drink it. While it’s hot. But this morning wasn’t like that. This morning I needed to put laundry in while the boys ate, so I ran into the basement and got that started THEN came up and made a coffee. Then as I sat down to drink it Nick decided to throw his plate on the floor resulting in it breaking. (Normally he uses plastic plates, but apparently when I loaded the dishwasher last night I neglected to turn it on, so it was glass or nothing this morning) By the time I got it all cleaned up, the kids were done breakfast and decided that climbing on mom was a good idea. I am pretty talented, but not talented enough to drink a semi hot coffee with two toddlers climbing on me. Which leads me to now, drinking a cold coffee while the boys watch Max and Ruby. Tomorrow  am going to turn treehouse on before I try to drink my coffee. Maybe then I can drink it while it’s hot. Until then I am going to continue drinking my cold coffee and pretend I am enjoying it. At least caffeine is effective regardless of the temperature of it! 


Love, hugs and more to come later


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