Oh Pregnancy!

This pregnancy is making me miserable. Or maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s just life in general. I don’t know. What I do know right now is that I want to go curl up in my bed and stay there. For a really really really long time.
I feel huge. I mean, I guess that’s to be expected being 33.5 weeks pregnant with my third child, but I feel HUGE. Not like cute pregnant woman about to pop which is how I currently see every other pregnant woman I pass. But more of a ‘holy sh*t how many are in there’ sort of feeling. I am also really tired of people making comments about how busy I must be, and how my hands must be full, and ‘I can barely handle one kid!’ or my favorite ‘Wow where do you find time to make more babies?!?’
It might not all be the pregnancy making me miserable though. There is enough other stuff going on in this world to drive a person crazy. I am missing Winnipeg like crazy. I know I did the right thing, coming home to be here with Hubs when he needed me, but I am missing my family and kind of mourning the fact my mom won’t be with me when I have the baby the way I planned. I’m optimistic I’ll be living out west sooner, rather then later though!
I’m not trying to be bitter. I’m really not. I enjoy being pregnant and in fact I am the crazy one who was trying to convince my husband we should go for baby number 4. Although that was before my hips started locking up, the heartburn kicked in full force and I tried to wear my new sandals just to find that my feet are to swollen to get into them. Now I am more inclined to agree with him that this should be our last pregnancy and 3 babies is perfect. (Just don’t tell him that though. I might still change my mind again)
On the bright side though, the boys are officially moved into their big boy twin beds. And are sleeping awesomely I might add! It’s been two nights since I have had a little boy in my bed.. and to be honest, as much as I enjoy the extra sleep and being able to lie comfortable in bed… I miss it. I feel like, as much as I complained about them waking me up numerous times a night because I was falling off the bed, or couldn’t move at all, or had no blankets, or an elbow in my spine, I am missing out on something now.
I can’t believe in a few short weeks I am going to be welcoming another little baby into this world. To be honest, I am sh*t scared. I don’t know anything about little girls. I know they make lots of pretty little dresses for them (I have a nice collection of those). But in a lot of ways I feel like I am having my first baby all over again!! (I’m sure I’ll catch on pretty quick, a newborn is a newborn right?!?)
But this momma is done drinking her coffee and has a house to clean and two toddlers to play with (I am thinking we are going to make cupcakes today!)

Love hugs and more to come later!

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