Airplanes, Boredom, and Emergency Rooms

Apparently I am really bad at this whole blogging thing. I can’t seem to stick to posting a couple times a week no matter what… which is what I promised myself back in January when I started this up. There are no rules in the blogging world though are there?
It’s not as though my life has been boring… I mean I have a one and two year old and I’m 33 weeks pregnant… how boring can my life possibly be? And the last 2 weeks since I posted have definitely been pretty crazy. The kids and I are back in NB. Yep. So much for having the baby in Winnipeg. Although my Dr there sucked, so the only big loss is that my family isn’t going to be around for the birth. Which is a really big loss to me. But I guess part of growing up is having to make the tough choices in life and living with the outcome! So being faced with a tough choice, I loaded the boys back up on a plane to Montreal and met Hubs there and drove back home to NB. I am so glad my boys are such good travellers! Hopefully it won’t be too long before we are back in Winnipeg! With any luck, it’ll be a permanent move soon.
It’s not that I don’t like NB. I do. It’s very pretty and there are some wonderful people here. But I miss my family and the support they offer. I know it won’t be easy for hubs to pack up and move out west, but I did it to come this way, so I know he’ll survive 😛
Last night we took Nick into the emergency room, my little brave monster is learning to walk and isn’t the greatest at it just yet. So he lost his balance and put his tooth through his lip. After it bled steadily for about 10 minutes without us being able to stop it we figured it should get looked at. Of course it stopped shortly after we got there, but hubs and I learned a couple things about dealing with bleeding mouths in little ones, so it was worth the trip!… I guess…
I hate hospitals. Especially when you have people there letting there kid cough all over your kids. It’s hard to tell a little boy to stop trying to play with my sons because his cough does not sound healthy and the last thing I want is my kids to get sick. I felt for the little boy. I really did. He was really sweet. He just wanted to make friends, which I would normally encourage the boys to do. But… I guess this is where my parenting is a little different… I don’t want my kids to make friends with contagious people in the emergency room when no one knows what is wrong with them and my kids are healthy. It was amazing to me to see all these little kids playing together coughing and sneezing all over one another. I almost felt like the bad mom for not letting my kids play too. Almost. Then I remember how much… fun… sick toddlers are, and I know I don’t want to walk that road any time soon.
Now I’ve been home for almost a week and I am going to enjoy my first day that I don’t need to run out and deal with anything. This week has been hectic. From setting up prenatal care (again) to getting groceries and other stuff in the house to getting the things we need for Baby Zoey next month, I am glad Hubs has to work today and the kids and I are hanging out in the house watching Treehouse and playing with PlayDoh!

Love, Hugs and more to come later!

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