A letter to my children

Alex, Nick and Zoey, 

I want the three of you to know that you are driving me insane. Yes, Zoey, even you. Even though you aren’t born yet you are proving to be just as difficult as your brothers are. When I lie down in bed at night the reason I am doing so is to sleep. You know, the thing where you close your eyes and your body is completely relaxed without one of the boys deciding that now is a good time to wake up or little miss deciding that now is a good time to work on her cartwheels. When Mommy lies down to sleep, that is your cue to stop making noise, stop moving and sleep as well. 

Another thing I want to bring up with you guys is how important it is for me to eat. Alex and Nick, when you guys get hungry, I go to the kitchen and I make food for you. I serve it to you. Sometimes, I even feed it to you. But I leave you be to eat, I don’t climb into your lap, I don’t whine for a bite. I don’t try to rip the fork out of your hand. I don’t reach my hands into your food to grab myself a taste. So I ask that you please please please not do these things to me anymore either. 

I would also ask that you allow me to go pee on my own without you guys beating on one another. And that maybe you could start picking up your toys. And not throw food at one another. 

I don’t want you to feel as though I am asking too much of you. But these things are common courtesies and I feel that I need to teach you now before you are old enough that it stops being cute. 

Also, my dear boys, you used to nap at the same time. I would greatly appreciate if we can reestablish that habit, as it greatly benefited me and I am desperately missing having my afternoon nap. 

If you can make some of the changes outlined in this letter I feel as though we will be able to live in better harmony and Mommy will have a little more sanity in which to deal with your daddy. 

Love Mommy 


To anyone who thought this was going to be a sweet letter to my kids, sorry to disappoint you. 

Love, hugs and more to come later


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