It’s hard to believe that Alex is at an age where I actually need to think about preschool and kindergarten. At first I was thinking HA he just turned two. I don’t need to think about this stuff. But then since he will be 4 when he starts kindergarten and I want him to have the best start in his schooling life (and he’s so smart as it is, who wouldn’t want to continue building on that!) I decided that maybe it is something I should start thinking about. But honestly, I don’t want to (nor can I afford to) pay the tuition involved in putting him into a preschool. Not to mention, I don’t drive right now and having hubs being responsible for getting him there and back when he also needs to make sure he is at work is obviously too much. (and living in Oromocto, let’s face it, options in walking distance are limited) So what’s a mom to do?!?

Obviously, preschool isn’t necessary. Or mandatory. But in this society, it’s expected. (not that I am by any means one to do what is expected… ever!) I don’t want Alex to start kindergarten being the youngest in his class and also the only one who didn’t have a preschool education. That just leaves me feeling like I am setting him up to fail (I know, I know, that is probably a little melodramatic, but I’m entitled to think and feel how I want!) So I went online and did some research. Parents home school their kids all the time, so why can’t I do that for his preschool education? (and I’m kind of thinking about going beyond that, but hubs and I need to talk about that some more since we have some differing opinions on home vs traditional schooling, so that’s another post for another day!) Enter Google. Google is an amazing tool. It’s amazing what you can find on the internet. I  found a wide variety of preschool curriculum’s and kindergarten prep stuff that I can use at home! And it’s way cheaper to go buy all the supplies I would need then it is to put 3 kids through preschool. As for social interaction (because I know someone out there is thinking to themselves, but Lynn, you are taking away the chance for your kids to interact with other kids! They are going to be socially awkward!) So for social interaction, that my dear friends is where play dates, drop in day care, and library groups come in handy! 

I am really excited for August to roll around so I can start the in home preschool that I am putting together for my kids! (yes, I said August, even though school doesn’t start until September, I want to start a little earlier.) I am really looking forward to giving this a go and maybe convincing the hubs that home schooling our kids is an option worth looking into!

Love, hugs and more to come later!



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