I found the sock monster!!

Well today should have been our travelling day, but sadly thanks to a couple wonderful winter storms hitting us on the same day the airport cancelled our flights and re booked us for Monday night. Air Canada was nice enough to give me a choice of two flights when I called to re book. One was at 6 AM and had a 8 hour layover in Montreal. The other arrives in Winnipeg at 1130 PM (130 AM for what the kids and I are used to!) but only had a 2.5 hour layover in Montreal. I think I can survive a late flight with more sanity then I can 8 hours in an airport with the boys.

There is a bright side to this delay though.

Yesterday I was doing my last load of laundry that we needed for our flight when my washing machine decided to stop working. It would fill up with water. Spin around a little bit. And then stop, so we were left with a load of laundry sitting in water. Yummy stuff. And of course this is a couple months after our 1 yr warranty was up on the stupid thing. I was very very concerned about how much it could potentially cost us to have it repaired. But after a couple hours of taking things apart and lots and lots swearing my wonderful husband was able to get the pump unclogged. Turns out it’s not the dryer that eats socks. It’s the washing machine. Once we got the sock out of the pump and Hubs got the washing machine back together, I did manage to get my laundry done and I am done packing now. 

So we are going to spend the rest of the weekend waiting out Mother Nature, keeping our fingers crossed that our power doesn’t go out (so far so good, and I think the worst is behind us!) And then Monday evening the kids and I are going to head out to Winnipeg! 


Love, hugs and more to come later!


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