Getting Started

I decided to start a blog. Again. This time I am hoping to stick to it a little longer then I did last time. The problem I had last time was simply that I didn’t like the site I was using. After fiddling around on this site for a little while, I am liking it much better. So.. Onto the blog!

This blog is, very simply, going to be about the life of a busy stay at home mom and military wife with (soon to be) 3 little ones! Currently I have 2 little boys, Alex who is 2 and Nick who is 10 months. I am just shy of 21 weeks pregnant with our baby girl, Zoey! Since this is going to be our last pregnancy, we are very excited to be welcoming a little girl into our busy family! 

I hope everyone enjoy reading about the things my children get up to, and the trials and joys I face guiding them through childhood into (hopefully) wonderful contributing members of society! 

I hope my family and friends who are far from us enjoy using my blog to watch the kids grow up, even if they can’t see it in person! 

And I hope that I can keep up with this one, the way I neglected to keep up with the last one I started ha ha! It’s a resolution of mine to be able to keep family close this year, despite the distance between us!


Love, hugs and more to come later!




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